Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is our affiliate page for brands we use and trust. While the goal of Liberty Tools is to list every single tool for human liberty, we cant vet them all. These are brands and projects that we actually use and endorse and generally have a relationship with. As such, we have affiliate links with them, and this is one small way you can support us at no additional cost to you! These links also show up on their specific categories page as well.

  • Start 9 - Start 9 is one of our favorite companies. Local to Denver, Start9 offers home personal servers with their own Operating system, that makes it easy for you to own and host your data out of a physical server that you own. Offers an app store with multiple applications that include Bitcoin and Monero full nodes, Matrix and SimpleX messaging, Vaultwarden for password management, Nextcloud for all sorts of hosting including word docs, music, contacts calendar and so much more. NOSTR Relays for backing up your NOSTR profile, all sorts of Bitcoin lightning tools and so much more. Start9 works to make it easy to own your data by self hosting already trusted open source applications. This provides maximum privacy while also allowing for you to reduce any cloud service fees. Buy any Start9 server using Discount code “LOTR” and you can save 5% off your total price.

  • Federated.Computer - Federated is another Denver based company offering Open Source as a service. Sometimes physically hosting servers just isn’t viable. In those cases cloud hosting can be a necessary option. But most cloud hosting come from tech giants like AWS or Google Cloud who sell your data and will censor you if you have the wrong politics. Federated.Computer offers you cheap, easy open source options to get many of the benefits of Big Tech without compromising your privacy. Please use our affiliate link to sign up if you’re interested!

  • Cloaked - Cloaked is an all in one privacy solution. Still early in its development, Cloaked offers a password manager, phone and email aliases and a semi automated system that helps you to create fake name accounts. Cloaked is also working on offering a private credit card system to that of If you’re a non technical user who cares about privacy Cloaked is one of the best options you can find. Users can use discount code “LIBERTY25” for 25% off their first year.

  • Hushed - Hushed is a private Voip app. Hushed lets you purchase multiple phone VOIP Phones lines all managed from one app and from several differnt area codes. While Hushed does accept crypto, this can only be done with pre-paid lines, not pay as you go plans. Hushed does not require any KYC. Hushed is primarily a phone app, and does not currently have a desktop app. While Hushed will run just fine on privacy based phone roms like Graphene OS, it does utilize Google pay services for any purchase which will not work on Graphene OS. This can be bypassed by using the website to pay, or utilizing a regular android phone app. Utilize our Affiliate Link to purchase a one time phone number that renews every year, for a one time cost of only 25$.

  • Aupa Bar - The Chad of energy bars run by a based bitcoin business. High quality grass fed meat bars, with only butter, tallow and fruit, no garbage filler like seed oils. AUPA gives 5% discounts for anyone purchasing in Bitcoin or Monero. These bars come from the best quality farms in Colorado. Stack this with code “Liberty” for an additional 5% off some of the best meat bars around.

  • Live Free Academy - Provides several free and paid courses on how to use crypto, opting out of the financial systems and electrical grids, homesteading, legal alternatives, and more! Run by Agorist and liberty advocate John Bush. Please use our affiliate link if you are interested.