The Cypherpunks are actively engaged in making the networks safer for privacy. Let us proceed together apace. Onward - Eric Hughes

Privacy is a fundamental tenet of a free society. Corporations and governments are gathering data at record rates and will happily sell it to the highest bidder. In the era of social media, doxxing, twitter mobs and rising crime, take back your privacy to protect yourself and your family.

All in one Privacy Solutions

  • MySudo - All in one privacy solution. MySudo offers services for phones, profiles, emails, virtual credit cards and more. MySudo doesnt always work well on non Android OSes like Calyx and you often need a google supported phone for activation, but once you activate it, it should work fine on Graphene.

  • Cloaked - Cloaked is an all in one privacy solution. Still early in its development, Cloaked offers a password manager, phone and email aliases and a semi automated system that helps you to create fake name accounts. Cloaked is also working on offering a private credit card system to that of If you’re a non technical user who cares about privacy Cloaked is one of the best options you can find. Cloaked is not Open Source. Though they do plan to open source their project in the future. Users can use discount code “LIBERTY25” for 25% off their first year.


  • Tor Browser - Tor Browser is your choice if you need an extra layer of anonymity. It’s a modified version of Firefox, which comes with pre-installed privacy add-ons, encryption, and an advanced proxy. It’s not recommended to install additional browser addons. Plugins or addons may bypass Tor or compromise your privacy. While TOR is the best in privacy it is also notoriously.

  • Mullvad Browser - The Mullvad Browser is a privacy-focused web browser developed in a collaboration between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project. It’s designed to minimize tracking and fingerprinting. You could say it’s a Tor Browser to use without the Tor Network. Instead, you can use it with a trustworthy VPN. The idea is to provide one more alternative – beside the Tor Network – to browse the internet with more privacy. To get as many people as possible to fight the big data gathering of today. To free the internet from mass surveillance.

  • Brave - From the original creators of Firefox, Brave aims to use maximum privacy as a default. With ad blocking, phishing blocking, fingerprint and cookie blocking all enabled by default. Brave does offer ad payments in its own crypto token BAT, which has drawn some criticism from privacy advocates - In Depth Review

  • LibreWolf - LibreWolf is a Firefox fork that focuses on privacy and security by eliminating telemetry and adding other perks.

  • Firefox - Firefox has long establlished history of competing with the most well known browsers as the longest serving open source alternative.

  • Waterfox - Waterfox is a Firefox fork that focuses on privacy and security by eliminating telemetry and adding other perks. Not quite as private as something like LibreWolf, but makes up for it in speed and functionality.

  • Decentr -Brand new blockchain based browser. Pays out in their own token for browing search, much like Brave.

  • Privacy Tests - In Depth comparison of browser privacy

Browser Exposure Checks

  • Cover Your Tracks and EFF Tool - A project from the EFF. Cover Your Tracks is two things: a tool for users to understand how unique and identifiable their browser makes them online, and a research project to uncover the tools and techniques of online trackers and test the efficacy of privacy add-ons. In Depth Breakdown and Review

  • Ipleak - Checks your IP and browser public info.

  • DNSLeaktest - Checks your IP and browser public info.

  • DeviceInfo - Checks computer hardware and software specs

  • Am I Unique -Checks your IP and browser public info.

  • Blacklight- Check third party trackers

  • Browserspy - When you surf around the internet your browser leaves behind a trail of digital footprints. Websites can use these footprints to check your system. is a service where you can check just what information it’s possible to gather from your system, just by visiting a website.

  • - What information can a website find out about you when you visit it? A lot more than you probably realize. This tool lists information that any website, advertisement, and widget can collect from your web browser. Such information could be used to identify you and/or track your behavior using tactics like IP lookups and browser fingerprinting. While none of this may be considered personally identifiable information (PII), the profile drawn from all these pieces of information can be so distinct that it can only plausibly match a single person.

  • - Check what data your browser is leaking, and other tools.

Browser Extensions

  • UBlock Origin - Free, open-source ad content blocker. Increase security and privacy simply in your browser.

  • PrivacyBadger is an EFF tool that works as an install-and-forget browser add-on that stops advertisers and trackers from secretly tracking where you go and what pages you look at on the web. If an advertiser or other third party seems to be tracking you across multiple websites without your permission, Privacy Badger automatically blocks them from loading any more content in your browser.

  • Adnauseum - Extension that randomly opens ads to obfuscate tracking

  • Canvas Fingerprint Defender - Creates fake Canvas ID’s to prevent fingerprinting

  • Track Me Not - Protect privacy in web-search. By issuing randomized queries to common search-engines

  • LocalCDN- A web browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy. It intercepts traffic, finds supported resources locally, and injects them into the environment. All of this happens automatically, so no prior configuration is required.

  • PrivacyPossum - Privacy Possum is an EFF project that monkey wrenches common commercial tracking methods by reducing and falsifying the data gathered by tracking companies.

  • HTTPS Everywhere - HTTPS Everywhere is an EFF project that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.

  • Watch on Odysee - Browser add on that redirects you from YouTube to Odysee a decentralized Youtube alternative (see more tools on the Privacy Front End Pages)

  • LibRedirect - App that redirects multiple apps to privacy front ends. If you click on a link of a Youtube like it will redirect to you to Newpipe, Twitter to Nitter, Wikipedia to Wikiless etc. See more tools on the Privacy Front End Page

  • Mailvelope - Privacy Focused Email Web Extension​ to securely encrypt your emails with PGP using webmail providers

  • NoScript - NoScript is the king of privacy extensions. It’s a built-in key security component of the Tor Browser, the top anonymity tool defending millions against surveillance and censorship.This browser extension allows JavaScript and other potentially harmful content to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice (e.g. your online bank). However NoScript can be difficult to use as it breaks much of the internet default functionality, and requires a certain amount of config to truly be usable.

  • Dissenter- Browser extension that Allows you to comment on any web page free of censorship. Ironically this app is censored from many app stores. App is built by the creators of GAB

  • Terms of Service Did not Read - Short and quick summaries about the terms and privacy policies of websites you browse!

  • Google Teller - App that beeps every time a connection with Google is made. If you are using things like Linux, Ublock, Tor etc this may not be super beneficial.

  • Bypass Paywalls - App that lets you get past paywalls to view otherwise paid content

  • Clear Browsing Data - Clear Browsing Data is a browser extension which enables you to delete browsing data, such as cookies, history and cache, directly from the browser toolbar. The toolbar button can be configured to clear all browsing data with a single click, and the extension also supports closing and reloading tabs.

  • SnowFlake - Help people in censored countries access the Internet without restrictions. Once you install and enable the extension, wait for the snowflake icon to turn green, this means a censored user is connecting through your extension to access the Internet!

  • Mozilla Containers - Multi-Account Containers is an extension developed by Mozilla that allows you to separate your browsing experience into different color-coded tabs, to help protect your privacy. By using these containers, you can categorize their browsing based on purpose and create tabs for Work, Banking, Shopping and Personal browsing. For an extra layer of privacy, you can also integrate Mozilla VPN.


Computer Manufacturers

  • System76 - Well known American Linux Company. Developed and pioneered Pop-OS operating system, A user friendly Ubuntu/Debian Fork.

  • TuxedoComputers - High quality Linux focused computers. German company, only communicates in German.

  • StarLabs - A computer company that sells a wide range of linux computers that come preconfigured with multiple different distros. Also includes a linux based tablet. Accepts Bitcoin

  • Purism - Open Source company. Makes Open Source Laptops, Phones and Servers. Partners with other liberty focused companies like Start 9. Accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment. Also offers a private phone data plan. Shipping is known to be very slow in some cases. Purism is an amazing ideologically driven company, but it should be noted that they have had significant issues delivering products in the past. We cannot recomend them at this time, though we hope to see that change in the future.

Computer Operating Systems

  • Pop-OS - Ubuntu Fork built by a dedicated Linux Hardware Company System76. Pop OS is one of the easiest and cleanest Linux Distro’s around.

  • Ubuntu - The long term gold standard for beginner Linux users.

  • LinuxMint - Linux distro for beginners.

  • QubesOS - a privacy-preserving and security-focused Linux distro. Qubes requires a bit more hardware as it runs several virtual machines to segregate your applications to better ensure your privacy.

  • TAILS - A privacy-preserving and security-focused Linux distro. With TAILS all traffic is routed through TOR and all of your data is deleted as soon as the computer is turned off.

  • CNIX - A simple Linux distro that puts privacy first, but its much less intense than TAILS or QUBES.

  • ReactOS - An Open Source OS designed to mimic the Windows file system.

  • Distro Watch - Distro watch tracks and rates all Linux Operating systems.

Data Removal

  • DeleteMe - Purges your data from data brokers and regularly checks to make sure that it has not been added back. Deleteme is known for having employee’s manually and regularly check your data to insure it has not been added back to data broker pages. Has parternships with Abine. In Depth Discussion

  • OneRep - Alternative to DeleteMe. Offers a free trial and more deletion services but does have some negative reviews. One Rep is known for automating this process and not using employee manual checks. In Depth Review

  • Optery - Removes Your Home Address, Phone and Other Private Info from Google, and 220+ Sites Review

  • MyDataRemoval - Another competitor for purging personal information, Name, Home address etc. Review

  • EasyOptOuts - Cheap service to remove your accounts from Data Brokers

  • AccountKiller- Website that helps you find and delete a wide range of old accounts across multiple platforms through specific account/platform targeting.

  • Data Brokers List - Links to purge your data manually from data brokers

  • CreditFreeze- Freeze your Credit in the event of a data breach

  • Remove Data from web Archive - Guide to remove your data from archive sites

  • JustDeleteMe - A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. If you would like to delete a wide range of your accounts manually, JustDeleteMe can link you directly to the section of page where you can easily delete your account.

  • Hacked - Paid service that helps you recover from hacks and exposed personal data. Service can help with deleting videos or images from website or social media platforms. Service can also help you recover hacked accounts if you have lost access.

  • Data Opt Out - Links to requests to manually delete data from multiple websites and platforms.

  • Data Broker Opt Out List - massive list of data sites to opt out of manually.

  • SayMine- Automated service that pulls your emails to find accounts created and sends them emails for data removal request. Be careful though, as this can sometimes cause you to send information to companies that you may have received emails from, but do not actually have an account with and thus actually giving them more information than they had in the first place. Saymine also offers corporate privacy services.

  • Redact - App that will delete your social media presence including specific comments and posts on multiple platforms. Includes FB, Reddit, Discord, Twitter etc…

  • CyberOneIntel - CyberOneIIntel claims to find what other services can’t - including social media accounts, employment history, dating profiles, gaming profiles, dark web credential breaches, indexed search engine occurrences, and much more.


Email Providers

Email cannot offer the same fundamental privacy of other communication protocols. Use better tools when it matters. Nevertheless, it remains an essential tool in every day life, and the following providers offer excellent privacy.

  • ProtonMail - All data is stored in an encrypted state, and de-crypted by the client. Emails between proton users are end to end encrypted. The client side code is open source. Proton servers are located in Switzerland. Basic accounts are free. Additional storage and features available are available through paid plans, which can be paid for in Bitcoin. In depth review from Restore Privacy.

  • Pax Mail - A lesser known privacy focused email provider, Pax offers paid only accounts in order to provide full email services that do not compromise their values. Specifically created for Freedom lovers. Their values are listed clearly here

  • Tutanota - Similar to Proton, all data is stored in an encrypted state, and emails between users are end to end encrypted. Tutanota servers are located in Germany, which is part of the 14 eyes. Free and paid options available.

  • Skiff - Originally a google docs replacement, Skiff has since also launched private E2E email services. With a slick interface and up to 10 GB’s of cloud storage Skiff is a solid competitor to Protonmail. SKIFF HAS BEEN SOLD TO A COMPETITOR AND IS NO LONGER RECOMENDED.

  • 33Mail - Unlimited private email aliases

  • FastMail - No free version In Depth Review

  • Mailbox - Private email with cloud services. In Depth Review

  • Migadu- Email hosting service that doesn’t track and let’s you add in unlimited domains and accounts for cheap

  • Beeble - Encrypted email and data storage. Uses hybrid AED and PGP encryption methods. Uses decentralized server infrastructure.

  • Lavabit - The company responsible for setting the Seppuku Pledge precedent. Originally used by Edward Snowden Lavabit refused to give up information on him to the US Government. Lavabit shutdown before handing over information and re-opened years later.

  • Mailfence - Encrypted email service based in Belguim.

  • Mailcow - Self hosting email isnt recommended but Mailcow is an application that can help simplify the process. Article on the difficulties with Email

  • 10 minute mail - Free Temporary Email that expires after 10 minutes.

Email Clients

  • Thunderbird - Thunderbird is a free and open-source cross-platform email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation, the people who are behind the Firefox web browser. Been around for awhile, can be a bit buggy at times.

  • MailSpring - Opensource. Great free email client, works with a variety of email providers. Does not work with Protonmail.

  • FairEmail - Fully featured, open source, privacy friendly email app for Android. Uses OpenKeychain to decrypt messages and optionally encrypt messages. Review

  • K-9 - Mobile open source email client. Review

Email Aliases

File Encryption

  • Cryptomator - Non Cloud based Encryption Software

  • Veracrypt - Non Cloud based Encryption Software

  • PicoCrypt - Lightweight open source encryption client that’s easy to use, completely free and focuses on only encrypting files and nothing else. Most Encryption apps tend to use AES-256 while Pico uses the new and improved XChaCha20 for encryption. It also uses Argon 2 for key derivation as opposed to SHA for further protection

  • PGPTool - Based off the original PGP Alogrithim, PGP tool is a A simple and secure online client-side PGP Key Generator, Encryption and Decryption tool. Generate your PGP Key pairs, encrypt or decrypt messages easily with a few clicks.

  • OpenPGP - Lists of several differnt applications that all use the OpenPGP standard.


  • Snort - Open Source Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  • Port Master - Application Firewalls. This program works as a VPN replacement. May break your VPN connection while installed. Works in Linux and Windows.

  • PFSense - Well supported free Open Source network Firewall Software

  • OPNsense is a free and open source network FreeBSD-based firewall

  • Pihole - Network wide Ad-Blocker and DNS sinkhole. Can also be used as a DHCP server

  • Little Snitch - Inbound and Outbound firewall blocking for desktop. MAC OS only.

  • Simplewall - Simple Open Source Windows only Firewall

Internet Service Providers

  • FemtoStar - Open Source Satellite internet.

  • Nomadinternet - Internet for off grid living.

  • Ukama - A project empowering everyone to build a decentralized cell phone network powered by you to connect the world.


  • Buskill - USB ‘dead man’s switch’ locks down (or kills) snatched laptops

  • USBKill - USBKill Python Script allows your computer to lock out if any unapproved USB devices are inserted into your computer. Directly inspired by the arrest of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht

  • USBGuard - The USBGuard software framework helps to protect your computer against rogue USB devices (a.k.a. BadUSB) by implementing basic whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities based on device attributes.


  • Signal - An easy-to-use end-to-end encrypted messenger. Long considered the gold standard. Built in auto-delete of messages. standard of chat privacy. Not fully open source and does require a phone number.

  • Molly- Hardened Signal Fork that is fully open source.

  • Silence - A signal fork that picked up SMS direct encryption after Signal decided to no longer pursue it. While you should stay away from SMS whenever possible, it is sometimes still necessary to communicate with certain people this way. And with Silence you can protect yourself. Signal on SMS

  • Matrix - Also commonly known as Element for the most popular Matrix front end. Matrix is a chat Protocol with several different applications that cab be used to participate in the network. Element has full End-to-End encryption, completely open source, fully self hostable and comes with most of the same functionality of Discord or Slack. Also has the ability to Bridge with other chat apps, meaning you can connect Matrix directly to Telegram, or Slack or most other chat apps and mangage those communications via whichever matrix client you choose. Matrix Instance Testing

  • Threema - an end-to-end encrypted messenger, similar to Signal. Not a free app. Good overall app, but relatively low userbase due to the non free nature of it.

  • Telegram - Easy to use encrypted messaging app. Telegram is NOT End-to-End encrypted by default but does have the option to create E2E secret chats. While its not E2E encrypted it does still encrypt your traffic to the Telegram Servers which is an improvement over SMS. Telegram is simple and is heavily used all across the world, and is a good introduction to a more privacy preserving chat app. However Telegram does have access to user data in its internal servers and has been known to hand that information over at times. Telegram is one of the most used encrypted apps around.

  • Wire - E2E by default. Lots of functionality. Fully open source. Self hosting options available. Built in auto-delete of messages. Can be a bit buggy at times.

  • Briar - Briar doesn’t rely on a central server - messages are synchronized directly between the users’ devices. If the internet’s down, Briar can sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, keeping the information flowing in a crisis. If the internet’s up, Briar can sync via the Tor network for additional privacy.

  • Keet - Peer-to-Peer Chat with high quality Video & Text. Private & Encrypted. Has BTC payment methods built in.

  • SimpleX - The first messenger without user IDs. SimpleX uses the smart client dumb server model. Meaning you can setup a simple relay to forward your fully encrypted messages to recievers. SimpleX is still early. It has a simple desktop but this isnt fully features currently. In Depth Podcast with the creator.

  • Session - Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that minimises sensitive metadata, designed and built for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from any form of surveillance. No phone numbers and completely open source.

Metadata Removal

Mesh Networks

  • Threefold - To build an open-source peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure that removes all forms of centralization from the global IT systems. Anything we do needs to improve the planet’s situation and benefit the people around us. Internet access is a human right and it can change everything for the lives of people as an infinite source of tools and information. Our technology was designed to scale ThreeFold anywhere electricity and bandwidth are present.

  • PKT.Cash - PKT uses PacketCrypt, the world’s first bandwidth-hard proof of work. When you connect your home or office internet to the PKT Network, you earn PKT Cash (PKT).PKT mining does not require permission from a centralized company. Miners power the network in a decentralized way, which scales to provide low cost, high speed internet access worldwide.


Alternative App Stores

F-Droid - F-Droid is the premier app store for open source apps. For anyone truly intrested in privacy should first check for apps in F-droid before going to mainstream appstores as Fdroid only carries Open Source apps. Completely free, open source and does not require an account.

Aptoide - A competitor to the google app store. With over 1 millon apps. While its not specifically privacy focused its a nice alternative when you cant use the regular good app store, or if you cant find what you need in F-Droid.

Aurora Store - A privacy front end for the Google App store. You can find anything you need from google through Aurora. However as this is a front end, it connects to the google app store so that you dont have too. This does require an account. Aurora provides anonymous accounts for you to use, however Google will rate limit these accounts to make them difficult to use sometimes. You can just create your own Gmail account to bypass this if necessary.

APK-Pure - A site to download and install APK’s (install files for phone OSes) this is an easy way to completely bypass app stores. The downside is that your software needs to be updated manually through APK-Pure and is not managed automatically by an app store.

Burner Phone Numbers

  • Abine - Offers Phone masking/aliasing for a fee

  • FireFox Relay - Phone Alias service that comes along with an email alias service. Email aliasing is free, phone alias service requires a small monthly fee.

  • BurnerApp - Burner Phone numbers. Usually work for services like Amazon and Twitter

  • Crypton - Affordability meets security: For the cost of a movie ticket per month, get a physical SIM phone number. All your messages are encrypted with your personal key, protecting them from prying eyes.

  • FreePhoneNum - One time Use burner numbers. Many services wont accept these.

  • Telnum - Burner Numbers and permanent numbers via Monero

  • Phone Blur - offers the use of non-VoIP US phone numbers for account verification, multi-factor authentication, and other needs. Formerly Text Secure.

  • Tossable Digits - Alternative to Google voice for phone porting. Also provides multiple phone numbers.

Mobile Operating Systems

  • Lineage – An open source Android alternative that’s compatible with most major Smart Phone and other Android Devices. Does not have a locked bootloader, which is a slight security concern.

  • DivestOS - A privacy focused fork of Lineage OS.

  • Havoc-OS - Similar to Lineage with large compatibility of devices. Works on over 150 devices.

  • CalyxOS - A privacy focused de-Googled Android Alternative that’s more privacy focused than Lineage but more user friendly than Graphene. Only available on Google Pixel models.

  • Graphene OS - The king of Privacy phones. Completely de-googled heavily privacy focused phone App Store. Only available on Google Pixel models. Install Guide and Another install guide

  • Ubuntu Touch - Open Source Phone and Tablet Rom.

  • - Degoogled Phone OS that works with most major phone models

  • Plexus - App that lists compatibility of over 1000 phone apps for Open source phone roms.

Mobile Phones

  • Above Phone - The Above Phone offers Graphene OS phones for sale along with their own services like “Above VPN” along with additional support to help you get fully migrated over to their ecosystem.

  • Private Phone Shop - Fully configured privacy focused phones you purchase. Primarily offers Lineage and Graphene OS. Also offers other privacy services.

  • De-googled - Sells De-googled phones, Lineage Calyx and Graphene - Takes crypto

  • Mamushi- Specializes in Calyx OS , Accepts Monero.

  • RoninMobile - RoninDojo a bitcoin privacy company, now makes pixel based phones with options for both Calyx and Graphene.

  • Nitrokey - Phones with Mics and Cameras removed

  • Fairphone - Sustainable phone that lets your replace all parts in the phone. Will support CalyxOS soon. currently only available in the UK. Also offers sustainable headphones and other items.

  • Librem/Purism - Completely Open Source Phone. Purism has been known to have very late deliveries in some cases. Order with caution.

  • Volla Phone - A minimalist design and new operating concept with the springboard, quick menu and collections. Comes with either Volla OS or Ubuntu Touch installed.

  • Pine64 - Completely Open Source Phone. May have some compatibility issues.

  • Efani - Company that offers Sim Swap protection and prevention. “Efani works like any other carrier, except Efani adds exceptional security to your plan via an impressive security tech stack.”

  • Frequency Check - App that lets you check what plans and locations your phone is compatible with.

  • Island - Sandboxing app for Stock Android

  • Project Guardian - A physical phone silencing device. A new machine that silences all noise going into your phone from your micophone. All you have to do is set your phone on top of the device and it blocks all incoming sound. Also provides wireless charging. Can be used with two phones at a time.

  • Freedomphone - NOT RECOMMENDED. Privacy focused phone marketing towards conservatives. OS Is closed source and no details or privacy are provided at this time. Backed by conservative commentator Candace Owens.

Mobile Service Providers

  • Invisv - Privacy focused phone service. INVISV Relay brings Multi-Party Relay (MPR) privacy to Android, offering a service that decouples trust: where INVISV’s job is to ensure that nobody but you has all your critical information. In effect, your requests for data from the Internet, whether with a web browser or with any other app, are unlinked from your identity, and neither INVISV nor our infrastructure partners nor your broadband Internet provider nor a mobile operator can link your identity and your Internet usage and location together.

  • AweSIM - Privacy focused phone service. Purism is an amazing ideologically driven company, but it should be noted that they have had significant issues delivering products in the past. We cannot recomend them at this time, though we hope to see that change in the future.

  • Silent Link - A real phone number provider not a VOIP number, that can be acquired anonymously. Only allows for incoming calls, but also provides a cheap data plan. Does not always provide the best service. A backup data plan is not a bad idea with this service while using Silent link primarily for privacy.

  • FreedomPop - Cheap and in some cases free VOIP plans.

  • SIMXL - e-SIMs Accessible for Everyone, that accepts Monero.

VOIP Providers

  • - *Hushed* - Hushed is a private Voip app. Hushed lets you purchase multiple phone VOIP Phones lines all managed from one app and from several differnt area codes. While Hushed does accept crypto, this can only be done with pre-paid lines, not pay as you go plans. Hushed does not require any KYC. Hushed is primarily a phone app, and does not currently have a desktop app. While Hushed will run just fine on privacy based phone roms like Graphene OS, it does utilize Google pay services for any purchase which will not work on Graphene OS. This can be bypassed by using the website to pay, or utilizing a regular android phone app. Utilize our [Affiliate Link]( to purchase a one time phone number that renews every year, for a one time cost of only 25$.

  • JMP - Private VOIP numbers. Uses the company Telnyx on the back end, but it try’s to make this process simpler for a small fee, as you can use Telnyx directly for cheaper fees and good privacy but the process is quite difficult.

Password Managers

Password managers are one of the few security tools that makes your life easier. With all of your passwords in one place, often including a password autofill so that you don’t have to even type your password, which also helps to keep you safe from keylogging or should surfing attacks.

  • Bitwarden - FOSS password manager. Free cloud password management, or you can completely self host. 2FA is easily configurable as well. Decryption happens on your client device not on the server, meaning your passwords are encrypted if the server is compromised.
  • Keepass - The top local password manager. Instead of setting up a server you can run your password manager directly on your personal work machine.

Privacy for Cars

  • 49dollarmontanaregisteredagent - Montana based company that creates LLC’s and will register your car to that LLC in Montana thus keeping your name unattached to the car. Montana has the added benefit of a one time registration for cars over 11 years old and no emissions or safety checks

  • NotmyPlate - App that lets you request to legally opt out of License plate collection data via the GDPR. Not likely to be super helpful in non EU countries.

  • PrivacyforCars - Delete your data from rental cars after you are no longer using them. Website also provides a lot of other privacy education on vehicles.

  • GhostPlate - Physical device that lets you temporarily obscure your license plate.

  • VehiclePrivacyreport - Check for status of vehicles internet connection to the manufacturers

  • Freedomev - Open source software for Tesla cars. Still in development.

  • Open XC - OpenXC is a combination of open source hardware and software that lets you extend your vehicle with custom applications and pluggable modules. It uses standard, well-known tools to open up a wealth of data from the vehicle to developers, even beyond OBD-II.

Privacy Resources and Education


Purchase Proxys

  • AnonShop - This one works a bit different. You pick a product you want and send the link to AL. AL will then purchase the item and send it to a nearby locker based on your zip code. All paid with Monero. This currently only works for Amazon orders.

  • - A purchase proxy that offers up to 15% discounts with crypto and users will purchase products for you. Currently takes BTC, BCH and lightning.

  • America’s Mailbox - Shipping Privacy intermediary based out of South Dakota

  • Privacy Post - Shipping Privacy intermediary based out of South Dakota


  • GLinet Routers - Routers that come per-configured with OpenWrt an Opensource OS. Allows has built in VPN and TOR support so you can route all network traffic through TOR with a few simple config changes. Company also sells travel size routers so you can create your own private networks anywhere you go. Performance reviews are mixed for many of the routers.
  • Flash Routers - New and repurposed routers that are flashed with Open Source Software OSes. The company also provides subscription models for router level support. They also have a specific Privacy Hero router,that prioritizes network wide VPN usage.
  • Protectli - Hardware all purpose device built on open source firmware via coreboot. You can run your own VPN, Router or hypervisor software on powerful but affordable hardware. Recommended for use with PFSense for home routing by both privacy expert Michael Bazzell and Cypherpunk Jameson Lopp. Does not come with WIFI by default. You can custom add wifi in, but PFSense and OPNSense do not currently support wifi.
  • Invizabox - Plug and play wireless routers than can be easily configured to use a VPN. No Ethernet ports.
  • Turris Omnia - Omnia is an open source router that thats forked from OpenWrt. Includes automatic updates, distributed adaptive firewalls and a virtual server seperate from the Firewall OS.

  • Brave Search - Private search results, using its own indexer, with full search transparency. Aims to be one of the biggest competitors to google. In Depth Review

  • Presearch - Decentralized search engine that pays you out per search with their own token. You can also run a node and get paid out in their token provided you meet the minimum requirements.

  • DuckDuckGo - Biggest privacy focused search engine, they have admitted to censoring in some cases, but overall still better than Google.

  • Whoogle - A google search proxy that can be hosted. Check out Seth for Privacys public instance of Whoogle It’s easy to self-host, if desired.Public instances

  • Searx - Searx is probably the most hard-core of the options, but provides a very solid experience and search results across multiple sources.

  • Kagi - Privacy respecting search engine does not track any info or provide any ads and no data mining or IP collecting. Requires an account and limits amount of searches per day for free accounts. Offers paid accounts as well. Not Open Source. Privacy policy

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

  • Mullvad - Mullvad has a long reputation of preserving privacy. Mullvad does not log traffic, allows anonymous sign ups, Accepts Monero for payment for Premium accounts. Uses a killswitch and uses Wireguard for speed and security. Provides a mobile app and desktop app. The Mobile app can be a bit finicky for some people. Does not have an app kill switch. In Depth Review

  • ProtonVPN - Has an app killswitch. Does not currently take Crypto if signing up normally. You can however pay in BTC if you sign up for a free account and then upgrade. In Depth Review

  • IVPN - No logs, regularly audited VPN service, No customer data stored, Clear privacy policy, Transparent ownership and team, Strong ethics: no trackers, no false promises, no surveillance ads. In Depth Reviews

  • PIA - PIA is a solid VPN provider that accepts BTC, uses Wireguard offers cheap rates. PIA is also well known for providing static Ip’s for your VPN. This can be useful for some services that block general VPN access. PIA does not keep logs for privacy concerns. Does not include a kill switch In Depth Review

  • Sentinel- A decentralized crypto currency backed VPN built on the Cosmos blockchain that aims to provide a decentralized VPN.

  • Cloak - Experimental new program. it works by masquerading proxied traffic as normal web browsing activities. In contrast to traditional tools which have very prominent traffic fingerprints and can be blocked by simple filtering rules, it’s very difficult to precisely target Cloak with little false positives. This increases the collateral damage to censorship actions as attempts to block Cloak could also damage services the censor state relies on.

  • Guardster - Anonymizer service that provides an alternative to VPN.

  • LokiNet - New experimental TOR competitor.

  • Vopono - App for managing Split tunneling in VPN’s. Split tunneling lets you send some traffic through a VPN and delegate specific traffic exempt to the VPN Encrypted tunnel or traffic. This can be useful when trying to use certain apps locally on a LAN. Some VPN Apps have this built in, but this isnt always accessible on all VPN’s or on all versions of the VPN. For Example Proton VPN has this function built in on the Windows version and the Mobile version but not on the linux desktop version.

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