If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try and convince you. I am sorry. - Satoshi Nakamoto

Crypto Currency, The greatest tool we have.

Financial privacy is largely being wiped away across the world, while governments simultaneously destroy the value of our currencies through inflation and sanctions. With the invention of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto gave us what is probably the single greatest tool for freedom in the history of the world. With decentralized crypto currency we have the ability to fix our money and fix the world. While some people believe that all non bitcoin crypto currencies are a scam we do not agree. We believe in competition for all freedom tech. Bitcoin isn’t perfect and shouldn’t be treated as a religion. The best counterpoint to bitcoins imperfection is its inherent lack of privacy and its current difficulty with scaling. Monero provides the best and simplest use case for privacy and is a great alternative to bitcoin. Likewise we believe that other crypto projects may have real utility in pursuing freedom. That being said the crypto industry is absolutely saturated with scams and grifters. As always do your own research and invest carefully. Hold your own keys and continue your journey to being financially sovereign.

Acquire Crypto

Atomic Swaps

Atomic Swaps are the future of Crypto Currency trading. Completely custody-less, heavily private, and generally uncensorable. Still very much in development. Learn more here.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralizion is a spectrum. Many decentralized exchanges arent nearly as decentralized as they claim to be, but usually they are far more distributed than any centralized exchanges,

  • Thorchain - THORChain is a network that facilitates native asset settlement between Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Cosmos Hub, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin. Thor chain works like a protocol in that you can interact with the chain using several different front ends. Thorchain also offers single asset yield on native tokens. As a largely decentralized application Thorchain suffers from a similar issue as Ethereum in that nodes are difficult to run and are very often cloud hosted. You can track Thor Nodes here.

  • Penumbra.Zone - Penumbra is a shielded, cross-chain network allowing anyone to securely transact, stake, swap, or marketmake without broadcasting their personal information to the world.

  • - DEX and other options. You can also purchase Monero and BTC.

  • Decred - Trade crypto peer-to-peer. Install the app locally on your machine. No trading fees. No KYC

Fiat On Ramps (P2P)

  • Bisq - Buy and sell bitcoin for fiat (or other cryptocurrencies) privately and securely using Bisq’s peer-to-peer network and open-source desktop software. Bisq allows you to purchase your bitcoin using P2P Zelle transactions. No registration required.

  • Peach Bitcoin - Peach allows users to purchase BTC in many different national currencies all P2P without KYC. Not currently available in the US.

  • Hodl Hodl - Anonymous P2P deals on your terms. Trade globally. Using any payment system. For any fiat currency. Bitcoin only. No registration required.

  • Local Monero - Local Monero makes it easy for you to connect with real people in the real world to buy and sell Monero with no KYC. Announced in May 2024 that they would be shutting down. No reason given, but this is likely due to regulatory pressure against other platforms like Samurai and Tornado cash.

Non-Custodial exchanges

Most exchanges are custodial, meaning you are required to leave crypto on their platform if you want to trade, or you purchase and they will hold on to it initially. Non-custodial exchanges will send your trades and purchases directly to wallets of your choosing.

  • NO KYC Only - Education on avoiding KYC and why its problematic.

  • Trocador - Privacy focused front end to push your transactions through non KYC exchanges.

  • KYCNotMe - Website that Tracks exchanges that don’t use KYC.

  • Changenow - Reliable non KYC exchange.

  • Changelly - Not recommended at this time. Changelly does not require KYC for smaller transactions but they will sometimes implement KYC mid trade, forcing to KYC or lose your funds.

  • FixedFloat - Good rates for crypto exchanges, does not currently allow US customer IP addresses. Does not require KYC.

  • Mexc - Crypto trades without KYC. Currently blocked for US based IP addresses.

  • SwapSwop - SwapSwop is an instant anonymous crypto exchange with a high level of security from SSL certificates on internal services to a multi-stage exchange procedure, which guarantees the safety of your assets and quick exchange for the desired cryptocurrency.

  • SideShift - Shift between different layer 2 tokens. Includes tokens on Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygoin.

  • OrangeFren - Check many KYC-free services and find the one with the best offer for a wide variety of coins.

  • SimpleSwap - Exchange multiple tokens without giving up custody. Requires an account. Offers cash back in their own token.

  • - This exchange is a dependable tool for immediate conversions. It supports the conversion of over 300 cryptocurrencies into Monero, without any KYC requirements and it works in both directions, offering great flexibility.

  • StealthEx - StealthEX is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service that accepts Monero (XMR). The platform does not require users to create an account or share personal information. Additionally, funds are not stored on StealthEX; exchanges are conducted directly between wallets. At StealthEX, there are no upper limits for your exchanges — you can exchange any amount you desire. When it comes to minimum amounts, you only need to ensure you have enough to cover the network fees.

  • Evonax - Established in 2016,Evonax operates as a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, ensuring that users’ funds are never held within the platform. Serving as an intermediary between cryptocurrencies and users, Evonax provides access to a diverse range of digital assets including Monero (XMR).

  • Houdini Swap - Privacy focused non custodial exchange.

  • KYC vs No KYC list - A list of P2P Trading Platforms (i.e. P2P exchanges) for trading Bitcoin. Common payment methods include bank transfer, cash deposited in the seller’s bank account, in-person cash (face-to-face) trades as well as payment networks such as Zelle, Alipay, even Cash App and PayPal, for example. Some of these payment methods are more private than others. Typically, face-to-face, cash-by-mail, and US Postal Money Orders are among the most private methods available.

Business Directories

  • OatManFarms - Purchase Oats for BTC
  • ShopinBit - Purchase all sorts of items in BTC, only ships to UK currently
  • Wetspace - Only Fans (pornography) competitor that only accepts crypto as a form of payment, does not currently take BTC or Monero.
  • Moneromarket - XMR trading platform with escrow. Start selling and buying today.
  • XMR Bazzar - A p2p shopping center for buying and selling services and goods in Monero. Built by Douglas Tumen, founder and host of the Monero Talk podcast.
  • Monerica - Massive List of companies that accept Monero
  • Cryptwerk- Massive List of companies that accept Monero
  • Bitejo - Massive List of companies that accept Monero and Bitcoin - Is now XMRBazzar
  • Directory.BTCPayserver - Massive List of companies that accept Bitcoin
  • - Massive List of companies that accept Bitcoin
  • - BTC Accepting Business Maps
  • Bitcoin-only - The Ultimate guide to all things Bitcoin

Crypto Jobs

  • Latium - Start Freelancing on Latium today! Browse Jobs For Bid, or register and Post Your Service for employers to purchase.

  • Jobs 4 Bitcoin - Reddit group that offers a wide range of jobs that are paid in bitcoin.

  • Publish0X - Earn Crypto for Reading & Writing Content. Options to be paid in multiple different tokens.

  • Bitcoin Talent - Bitcoin Talent Co. is a recruiting firm that focuses exclusively on the Bitcoin landscape. The company does believe in “the noise of crypto, blockchain, Web3, and all other buzzwords” and instead chooses to help Bitcoin-focused companies operate at scale.

DAO and DEFI Tools

  • DAOStack - Project that helps you streamline the creation of your own DAO
  • DefiSafety - DEFI Security ratings
  • - Dapp rankings via marketcap
  • ApeBoard - Cross chain crypto monitoring Dashboard
  • Dextools - Cross Chain Defi and Cefi Dashboard
  • Rotki - An open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects your privacy. Can be self hosted.
  • Coin - Crypto portfolio account and crypto news aggregator.
  • Ghostfol - Multichain Dashboard, includes traditional stocks and ETF’s as well.
  • Hedgehog - Centralized Exchange Dashboard Management
  • Railgun - RAILGUN is a smart contract system that enables Zero-Knowledge Privacy for any on-chain dApp.
  • Tornado Cash - DO NOT USE IF AN AMERICA CITIZEN. Tornado cash is an Ethereum based coinjoin mixer that can be used to gain privacy on Ethereum. In August 2022 Tornado Cash was blacked listed by the US government and added to the OFAC list. While the front end website is no longer running you can still interact with the smart contract(this is by design). If you are a US citizen you risk criminal penalties for doing so. Alex Pertsev, was sentenced to five years in prison for his work on development of Tornado cash. It’s important to note that despite the shutdown by the US government, the Tornado Cash smart contract is still up and running, and is more less unstoppable as long as the Ethereum network continues to run.
  • Defillama - The ultimate tracker for all things DEFI. Track Yield, transparency, NFTs, Stables, Hacks etc.
  • - CoW Protocol finds the lowest price for your trade across all exchanges and aggregators, such as Uniswap and 1inch – and protects you from MEV, unlike the others.

Decentralized Nodes

  • Threefold - Decentralized Autonomous. Internet Infrastructure. ThreeFold is a globally-distributed grid of storage, compute, and network capacity, acting as “no middleman” Internet resources between independent capacity providers and users.

  • PktCash - PKT is an ecosystem of apps that decentralize access to the internet. The mission is to get the next billion people online.

  • Handshake - Decentralized DNS. Handshake is an experiment on collaborating to create a decentralized network which results in a global allocation of names. Think of the handles or usernames you use on services such as social networks, and domain names identifying the URL for websites. Nearly all of these services were provided by trusted third parties which prevent the web from truly being decentralized. Handshake provides a means, including key management and server/service authentication, for decentralized web services to experiment.

  • Dappnode - Operating System for running your own Nodes for BTC, ETH, XMR and other services like Nextcloud etc.

  • - Operating System for running your your own Nodes for BTC, ETH, XMR, Avalanche and more.

  • MyNodeBTC - Run Bitcoin nodes and lots of other Bitcoin applications, includes wallets, BTCPay Server, Lightning tools and Whirlpool and other privacy tools.

  • Pibode-XMR - Small Raspberry pi focused distro for Monero mining.

  • Monero Nodo - A full, unpruned, and dedicated hardware node comes equipped with Tor and I2P support, ensuring maximum privacy and security for your transactions. Manage your wallets effortlessly through the LWS Admin panel and enjoy the convenience of our built-in block explorer. The 5.5″ touchscreen allows you to control your node directly from the device, or you can access it from the web for added flexibility and full block explorer functionality. Mine Monero using P2Pool. Contribute to your privacy by running your own personal node while contributing to the Monero network.

  • Crypto Tab Browser - Browser extension that mines BTC. We do recommend that you careful with cloud mining software. Mining is largely unprofitable for most people and things like Cloud mining are often scams. Proceed with caution.

Education and certifications

  • C4/Crypto Consortium - Offers certifications for BTC, Eth and crypto best practices.

  • - Blockchain Council embraces Blockchain, AI, and Web3 with a range of certifications and training.

  • Chainalysis Certifications - The Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC) credential is designed for those new to cryptocurrency. Whether you’re starting out on a career focused on crypto, or are coming across bitcoin as you run investigations, onboard new businesses or formulate cryptocurrency compliance policies, this is the place to begin.

Fund Raising

  • Open Sats - Open Sats Initiative, Inc. (EIN 85-2722249) is a 501(c)(3) public charity which aims to fund Bitcoin-related free and open-source projects and associated education and research initiatives. Open Sats focuses on no strings attached Bitcoin(only) and freedom tech donations.

  • Ten31 - Ten31 is the leading bitcoin-focused investor and partner of choice to companies building technology and infrastructure for the bitcoin ecosystem, as well as complementary freedom-oriented technologies including open source software, AI and nostr.

  • - Geyser is a bitcoin-native crowdfunding platform where you can fund project ideas with the support from global communities.

  • - The mission of the Stacks project is to enable a better internet through decentralized apps. To do it, they’re expanding the Bitcoin economy and enabling more functionality as a Bitcoin layer.

  • Heo.Finance - Decentralized crowdfunding without borders. Help Each Other (HEO) is the first decentralized stablecoin-based crowdfunding platform that removes geographical and political limitations from fundraising. HEO platform is already live on Binance Smart Chain, Celo, Aurora, and Ethereum mainnets.

  • Giveth - Giveth is building a new way forward with its zero-fee, community-driven donation platform - leveraging the power of blockchain technology to connect on-the-ground projects with regenerative funding opportunities.

  • Kuno Media - Monero based crowd funding.

Merchant Services

  • Second Amendment Processing - 2nd Amendment processing helps you protect yourself and your business from being censored for your political views or other forms of wrong think.

  • Parallel Economy - Censorship-Resistant payment processing backed by Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino.

  • Revere Payments - A Christian merchant services provider that offers a wide range of solutions for businesses in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, retail, restaurant, firearms, religious, political, CBD, and non-profit. We’re using the same innovative technology as our parent company, Metrics Global, to bring seamless, secure online payments to any industry.

  • Align Pay - AlignPay never picks sides on any issue and is proud to facilitate a welcoming place where people, organizations, campaigns, and merchants can interact in a healthy, open, and legal way.

Osint for Crypto

  • AMLBot - Founded in 2019, AMLBot Online assessment of crypto addresses and transactions, founded in 2019 by a team of RegTech specialists in accordance with FATF international recommendations. Offers both free and non free services.

  • - OXT is a tool designed for Exploratory Blockchain Analysis of the bitcoin ledger. OXT is the ‘Other exploration Tool’ and it should become the ‘Open eXploration Tool’ in the future.

  • DeveloperReports - Tracks the current amount of developers on Crypto projects

  • - BTC Chain API data

  • - Crypto Database API Tools

  • MiningPoolStats - Track all data across mining pools for all sorts of crypto projects. Organized primarily by what type of hash algorithm each blockchain uses.

  • Clarks Dashboard - A comprehensive list of all BTC Data. Includes Block times, price data, Side chain data, mining etc.

Monero Metrics and Data

  • Monero Observer - News aggregator for all things monero.

  • - Tracks the Monero mining hash rate across all miners.

  • The Monero Moon - The ultimate newsletter for all things Monero.

  • Monero Inflation - Tracks potential inflation or flaws in the Monero Protocol. Due to Monero’s privacy proper auditing can be difficult.

  • Monero Garden - A complete introduction and walkthrough on all the technical specifics of Monero. xm

Privacy Software

  • RoninDojo - A company supporting Bitcoin Privacy and full nodes. The Tanto is hardware device that supports the open source Ronin software stack which includes full node Bitcoin wallets, Mem pool, access to the Bisq exchange and 24/7 access to coin pool for coinjoining BTC mixing and privacy all over a TOR connection. Dojo also offers a full downloadable OS.

  • Bokuto Monero Node - Open source fork of Ronin Dojo’s Bakuto project that allows for a full node Monero wallet.

  • Pinode - Monero OS for running full Monero Nodes on Pi’s, Rockpros and Odroids.

  • Gupax - Gupax is a GUI for mining Monero on P2Pool using XMRig.

  • XMRVSBeast - P2Pool Bonus Hash Rate Raffle for people providing Monero Hash.

  • JoinMarket-Org - JoinMarket is software to create a special kind of bitcoin transaction called a CoinJoin transaction. Its aim is to improve the confidentiality and privacy of bitcoin transactions. With the shutdown of Samurai wallet, and the withdrawal of the not recomended service Wasabi from the US, Join Market is now one of the only privacy tools for Bitcoin.

  • Jam - Jam is a graphical user interface for JoinMarket, and while obviously related, is a separate project developed by a separate set of people.

  • Border Wallets - Border Wallets is a website that helps you strategize on how best to memorize your wallet seed phrase. This can be useful if you need to cross a border, or have a particularly high threat model.

  • Silent Payments - Silent Payments make receiving Bitcoin easier than ever while preserving your privacy. Silent Payments allow you to create a single, static address to share with friends, use for donations, or post for tips without sacrificing privacy. When someone wants to send you a payment, they use the unique public key that is a part of your Silent Payment address, combine it with the public keys of the outputs they want to send and generate a unique, one-time address that looks on-chain just like any other Taproot address.

Social Media

  • Oshi - Oshi is a powerful marketing and rewards platform built to replace stars, punch cards, and coffee points with something that people really want - Bitcoin.

  • Orange Pill App - Bitcoin dating and friend finder

  • - Purchase Social media followers with Monero

  • EchoIn - Lets you pay your favorite podcasters in BTC

  • Fountain - Lets you pay your favorite podcasters in BTC

  • Farcaster - Farcaster is a decentralized protocol for building web3 social media apps. Built on top of the Ethereum network. Detailed breakdown here

  • Peepeth - A platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that is public and permanent. Peepeth works to let you own your data on a platform that doesn’t allow advertising.

  • Minds - Minds is an open source distributed social network. Includes E2E messages. As well as built in ERC-20 (Ethereum Network) payments.

Speculative Projects

  • DarkFi - DarkFi is a new Layer 1 blockchain, designed with anonymity at the forefront. It offers flexible private primitives that can be wielded to create any kind of application. DarkFi aims to make anonymous engineering highly accessible to developers. Backed by noted Crypto Anarchist Amir Taaki.

  • Haven Protocol - Built with Monero style privacy and including xUSD, the world’s first private stablecoin. Haven incorporates all of the privacy aspects of Monero will also aiming to create its own backed stable coin.

  • Pirate Chain - Launched in 2018 with the primary goal of being the most private and secure digital currency, Pirate Chain strives to protect the financial privacy of every user in the world. Pirate Chain achieves this by employing the strongest and most acclaimed privacy protocol in the industry, and couples this with an unassailable strategy implementation. Pirate vs Monero Breakdown

  • Serai DEX - Largely created in response to Thorchains choice to not integrate Monero, the Serai Dex works much like the Thorchain DEX, providing coin trading between different native coins using liquidity pools funded by users for small rewards.

  • Haveno - Haveno aims to be a crypto on ramp much like Bisq that uses Monero instead of Bitcoin as the base payment option. Haveno will utilize TOR and p2p trades, while never taking custody of your funds.

  • Fedimints - While still largely theoretical, Fediments is based off the original 1980’s concept of Chaumian Ecash, that would essentially provide federated mints built on top of Bitcoin, with high levels of privacy. Two implementations of this concept are Cashu and Umint. These are still in active development. One potential problem with this is legal pressure due to potential classification of these services as unlicensed money transmitters, much like how Samurai Wallet and potentially custodial lightning services are being targted.

Spending Crypto

Bill Pay

  • Bitrefill Credit Card Service - Service to pay off Credit Card for multiple providers. Requires KYC. Currently disabled for Americans, but hopefully will be returning. This service does requires KYC, but they do offer other services that do not.

  • Spritz.Finance - Focuses on bill pay, secured payments, automated payments etc. Uses Web 3. Requires an account. Currently in closed Beta.

  • DoctorSim - Top up or recharge any prepaid phone in over 200 countries instantly and securely with doctorSIM.

Credit Cards

  • - The primary method for Credit Card Privacy. By linking your bank account to your Debit card, you can create virtual privacy focused cards that only work for one vendor at a time. This prevents your Debit card from being used in the event of a vendor data breach. Virtual cards are easily deletable. Downsides are that you start with 500$ per card limits for virtual cards. And there is the privacy concern of sharing your bank data with a third party.
  • Abine - An alternative credit card masking service. Abine has similar features, virtual cards up to 500$ for individual vendors. But Abine also offers other privacy services like phone masking, email masking and more. Abine does not have a free tier unlike
  • KlutchCard - Service that provides several management and privacy features for your bank account. Klutch gives you unlimited Virtual cards, a physical card without your name on the front, and the ability to manage your spending transactions in depth all while still earning cash back. Does require KYC information and a good credit score though. Another downside, their is currently no way to pay off your balance other than to link your account via ACH and routing number.
  • X1 - Similar to Klutch. Control subscriptions and keep your details private with disposable card numbers.
  • PayWithMoon - Virtual Cards with no KYC funded by lightning based Bitcoin transactions. You can create as many virtual cards as you want, but cards are limited in amounts of 1000$. These cards do not currently work outside of the United States. Used to provide full pre-paid credit cards only offers gift cards now.
  • Laso.Finance - A bit pricey. Virtual Credit card with no KYC card that allows for spends of over 1K anywhere in the world. Currently uses Metamask for stable coins only. Monero support coming soon.
  • DashDirect - Wallet that supports several Crypto Currencies including DASH. Dash Direct phone app allows for purchasing of gift cards with DASH for discounts from hundreds of vendors. No KYC Required.
  • Uquid - Virtual card for crypto, only works through Binance or wallet connect compatible wallets, for a wide range of gift card services.
  • Ezzocard - Anon cards can be purchased via crypto. Charges a decent markup.
  • Bitpay - Preloaded Bitpay card that lets you spend your Bitcoin.
  • DoNotPay - Free Virtual Credit Card Generator for signing up for trial services. Do not Pay also works to create an AI focused response to many asymmetrical problems of society like fighting back against parking tickets or social media de-platforming with automated and proven methods of remediating these issues.

Gift Cards

  • Egifter - Buy and send premium gift cards for a wide range of services. Offers points per purchases.
  • Gyft - Gift cards for over 200 vendors.
  • Coinsbee - Does Phone Top ups.
  • Bitrefill - Gifts cards and other services.
  • Coincards - giftcards available in multiple countries, Coincards has everything you could possibly need to live your life with crypto! Offers Phone Top ups and accepts Monero.


Bitcoin Wallets

  • Sparrow Wallet - Sparrow is a Bitcoin wallet for those who value financial self sovereignty. Sparrow’s emphasis is on security, privacy and usability. Sparrow does not hide information from you - on the contrary it attempts to provide as much detail as possible about your transactions and UTXOs, but in a way that is manageable and usable. Completely Open Source. Desktop only wallet. Following the arrest of the Samurai Wallet Devs, the Whirlpool privacy features were removed from the wallet.

  • Samurai Wallet - A modern bitcoin wallet hand forged to keep your transactions private your identity masked and your funds secured. Samurai Wallet is a mobile only wallet that is built to work with the Ronin Dojo Full node and Whirlpool privacy coinjoins. Completely Open Source. Mobile only wallet. In April 2024 Samurai Wallet was shutdown by the US government and the founders of the wallet arrested. While the wallet still works if installed, the Whirpool coinjoin features have since been disabled. You can donate to the Samurai defence team here

  • Electrum Wallet - Founded in 2011 Electrum is one of the oldest, simplest and most trusted Bitcoin Only wallets in the game. With a simple interface that has been forked by many other blockchain projects Electrum has everything you need to store and use your bitcoin easily and securely.

  • Casa - Self custody wallet with built in Multi-sig for security and inheritance built in so that your assets arent lost in the event of death. Only takes Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Hardware Wallets

  • FoundationDevices - Foundation builds the Passport hardware wallet which is an airgapped wallet hardware device. Passport has no direct connection with the outside world – no USB data and no wireless communications. Instead, Passport uses a camera and QR codes for communication. This provides hardcore, airgapped security without sacrificing usability.

  • Cold Card - Cold Card is one of the most secure Bitcoin wallets around. With two secure element chips and a true Air-gap, the Cold Card is a great option for securing your BTC. Source code is Source Verifiable.

  • Trezor - One of the older hardware wallets around. Trezor is Fully open source and is one of the few wallets to also support multiple coins.

  • Seedsigner - Open source hardware signing device that uses raspberry pi zero which reduces possibility of interception. Does not store your coins, is only a security focused devicing for signing/approving transactions. Bitcoin only.

  • Monero Signer - Monero Signer is a hardware signing device equipped with a camera that allows you to sign transactions offline via QR-Code. Monero Signer also allows you to generate seeds, passphrases and addresses. All this while being completely offline. Software updates are done air-gapped using a micro SD card.

  • Ledger - NOT RECOMMENDED. While Ledge has a long history in the space of supporting multiple coins. Ledger is close sourced. Ledger has recently come under for fire for creating a backup policy that lets you back up your keys to Ledgers cloud providers, which means that your private keys could be susceptible to third party pressures on the key holders. Also Ledger was caught sending customer data to several different third parties.

Lightning Wallets

  • Phoenix Wallet - Utilizing the lightning network can still be quite difficult, which Phoenix aims to help solve. At first glance, Phoenix doesn’t look different from your typical Bitcoin wallet. The difference is that Phoenix runs natively on Lightning. Phoenix takes care of everything under the hood and you will barely notice anything, except that your payments are faster and cheaper. Mobile only wallet. Phoenix wallet withdrew from US appstores in May 2024 due to regulatory pressures.

Monero Wallets

  • CakeWallet - Wallet that supports several Crypto Currencies including Monero. Cakewallet phone app allows for purchasing of gift cards with Monero for discounts from hundreds of vendors. Also supports other coins like Haven and BTC. No KYC Required. Mobile wallet only. Open Source.

  • RinoWallet - Online Monero multisig wallet. Non-custodial and offers 2FA protection.

  • Monero Subscription Wallet - Wallet that allows you to set subscriptions of regularly recurring payments that you would like to send.

  • Feather Wallet - Feather is a free, open-source Monero wallet for Linux, Tails, macOS and Windows. It is written in C++ with the Qt framework. Monero can be difficult to use in many cases to the highly technical and private nature of the coin, which is why the simplicity of feather wallet is so necessary. Feather Wallet can installed or run as a standalone application, making it easily parable with something like Tails OS for the ultimate privacy combo.

  • Anonero - Anonero is privacy focused phone wallet that only supports Monero, while incorporating other privacy features like, encrypted backups, airgapped transactions mandatory TOR connections. You can only access this app over TOR.

  • MyMonero - The simplest way to use the next-generation private digital currency Monero, at the sweet spot between security, convenience, and features. Not a full node wallet. You need to trust another node to run this wallet. These wallets share your private view key with a remote server, which continuously scans the blockchain looking for your transactions. They are faster to use, but your privacy can be lessened if you don’t control the remote server.

Other Wallets

  • Exodus Wallet - One of the best wallets for holding multiple coins. With a beautiful interface that shows you long term internal price data, built in protocol level staking, coin swaps between hundreds of coins and many other features. Exodus is one best crypto wallets bar none. While it supports Monero there are concerns that the Exodus implementation may break Monero privacy. Exodus is NOT Open source. Desktop and mobile.
  • Stack Wallet - Non Custodial multi coin wallet. Open Source. Has built in exchange functionality. Mobile only.

Wallet Recovery