“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” - Hippocrates

The modern world is poisoning us. Big Ag, Big Pharma, social media, environmental pollution, EMFs are everywhere. Corporations and every level of our governments are complicit, and this trend doesnt seem to be slowing down. We need to take our health back into our own hands. By embracing traditional wisdom, and alternatives to mainstream health we can reclaim much of the health that modern society has been slowly destroying.

Reject modernity. Embrace Tradition.

BioHacking Tools

  • BioHackerLabs Tools - Several different tools and resources. Net Carb Calc, Glucose Ketone Calc, Blood Sugar converter, Blue light testing.

  • BonCharge - Numerous products for sale. Include Blu light blocking, EMF Blocking, red light therapy etc. Products are bit pricey.

  • Emr-Tek - Wide range of products. Inlcuding non plastic blue and yellow light blocking glasses. Iphone radiation blocking cases. Red light devices and more.

  • Daylight Computer - The words first blue light computer. Most phones and computers emit EMF and artificial light which causes issues with sleep, mood, eyesight and more. Daylight is the first computer that works to dramatically reduce the amount of artificial light.

  • AnyLuv Metal Glasses - Anyluv sells blue light blocking daytime and nighttime glasses with metal frames, so that you can minimize your light exposure without putting plastic on your face like most other blue light blocking glasses.

  • BluBlox - Cheaper Blue light blocking sunglasses

  • AgelessBody - List of Biohacking tools and strategies

  • - Track 5g Towers in your area.

  • Opal - App that blocks other apps. Social media can be addicting and can impact your productivity, but sometimes deleting it isn’t an option. Stop yourself from wasting time on social media during designated time frames with the Opal app.

Chips - Seed Oil Free

Seed oils are everywhere. New evidence shows that they are wildly toxic and heavily correlate with the increase in major chronic disease over the last 100 years. But Chips are also delicious so here’s a few options for seed oil free chips. Anti-Seed Oil Data

  • Masa Chips - Organic nixtalized corn chips cooked in grassfed beef tallow. From the creators of the Shireapp. Accepts Bitcoin. Currently they are a bit pricey.

  • Beefys Own - Beef tallow potato chips.

  • Rosies Chips - Beef tallow potato chips.

  • Siete Foods - Family owned Mexican company that produces a wide range of seed oil free chips and other products. Primarily cooked in Avocado oil.


Non Plastic, EMF Resistant and Grounded

All of these ideas may seem controversial to you. Here are some great resources to learn more about them. Grounding/Earthing , Microplastics , Guide on avoiding all plastics and toxic chemicals

  • Rawganique - Organic cotton, linen and Hemp clothing and accessories.

  • Cottonique - GOTS Certified 100% Organic cotton products.

  • Woolshire - GOTS Certified 100% Organic locally sourced Cotton products. Organic sourcing is often not verified when it comes from other countries. At Woolshire it is verified.

  • Oddobody - 100% organic cotton underwear for woman.

  • - Find 100% pure wool in your area.

  • AJConsultingCompany - Non Plastic Alternatives

  • BuffaloWoolCo - 100% buffalo/bison wool clothing.

  • Wyoming Based - American Wool company. Sells Beanies and Sweaters. Accepts Bitcoin. Manufactured in America. Anti-woke.

  • Harvest and Mill - 100% organic cotton sheets, towels & more. 100% Sourced & Made in the USA.

  • The Filtery - Aggregator for non plastic clothes and other household items.

  • Grounded Shoes - Shoes that are discharged electricity from body via grounded shoes. Most(but not all) shoes are 100% leather and plastic free.

  • Rhizal Shoes - Grounded 100% leather shoes.

  • Peluva Shoes - Founded by liberty leaning nutrition expert Mark Sisson. Peluva aims to create shoes that allow you to move well in a more natural state.

  • Earth Runners - Earth Runners was created to rewild our lives in response to the typical modern domesticated lifestyle, which is causing numerous health, psychological and social issues. Grounded minimalist sandals.

  • Hemp Organic Life - Organic hemp products for all sorts of less common items such as: mattress covers, cushions, sleeping bags, soaps, socks, and even home and car seat covers.

  • Natural Home - Natural home sells a wide mix of organic wool, cotton, linen, hemp furniture and much more.


Animal based and Non-Toxic

  • Farrow.Life - Pork Lard based. Farrow is made in real time and in small batches to ensure super freshness and the highest quality.

  • White Oaks Home goods - White oaks also provides tallow and lard based cosmetics, candles etc.

  • NoseToTail-BodyCare - Hand made soaps, deodorants, hair oils and skin creams.

  • Buffalo Gal Grassfed - Tallow based Deodorant, Toothpaste, soap, etc

  • Dakota Tallow - Hand made soaps, deodorants, hair oils and skin creams.

  • Clara And Fritz - Whipped tallow based sunscreen and other products

  • JKLM Farm - Small Batch Animal Fat Soap & Skincare Products. Includes bone marrow soap,bacon fat soap, hair paste and more.

  • Captain Fishers - Balms and Hair serum using Tallow and other natural ingredients.

  • Vintage Tradition - Tallow Lip balms.

  • Meraki Blu - Meraki Blu and Tallow based supplements. Meraki Blu has been shown to help Energy, Focus, Short-Term and Long-Term Memory, Uplift Mood, Calm Anxiety, and be Anti-Aging focused.

Dental Health

Dental health has been an epidemic of malocclusion largely related the to quality of our food for thousands of years. This has led to mass issues with dental decay and improper facial development which leads to nasal breathing, which in turns leads to wisdom teeth problems and many other following health issues.Check out these resources to learn more: Weston A Price’s world wide study , Jaw Development , Breathing , General Dental Health

  • Buffalo Gal Grassfed - Tallow based Toothpaste and other products. Completely natural with no Fluoride.

  • VanMan Shop - Toothpase made from eggshell and betonite clay. Shipped in glass containers. Offers other products as well.

  • Bite - Plastic free Vegan friendly toothpaste and other teeth related products, including bamboo tooth brushes and plastic free floss, all sold in non plastic containers.

  • Greenzla - Bamboo plastic free tooth brushes.

  • Plastic Free Dental Floss - Made from wheat instead of plastic for your flossing needs.

  • Mastique Chewing Gum - Often referred to as mastic gum, Mastique offers sugar free, seed oil and trans fat free Mastic gum for chewing to help build jaw strength and avoid jaw/wisdom teeth problems. Also comes with xylitol, coconut and natural mastic for extra teeth care. Doesn’t taste like regular gum, but ultimately its not bad tasting either.

  • Greco Gum - Single ingredient mastic gum for increasing jaw strength. Made from resinous sap that seeps from the bark of the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus) and becomes crystallized.

  • ApolloGum - Single ingredient mastic gum with only a single ingredient. Offers a 21% discount if purchased in bitcoin.

  • Biolight - A redlight device specifically for your mouth and teeth. Red light has shown tremendous health benefits across a wide spectrum. The Biolight can help to restore your oral microbiome. Company also provides many other redlight products.

  • Mewing App - An app from the creator of Mewing, that helps you do different mewing exercises designed to help strengthen your jaw with proper tongue posture, and help your face, jaw and teeth develop properly.

Environmental Toxin Monitoring

  • Because Health - A nonprofit environmental health site that offers science-based tips and guides for buying safer cookware and dishes, uncontaminated foods, and nontoxic personal-care products—to help people live more healthfully.

  • Breast Cancer Prevention Partners - An organization that provides information for reducing toxic exposures—in food packaging, cosmetics, and other everyday products—to protect people’s breast health and reproductive health.

  • CHEM Trust - A website that offers terrific fact sheets about hazardous chemicals and their impacts on health, as well as news about chemical legislation in Europe (such as REACH).

  • Environmental Defense Fund - A leading global nonprofit organization that promotes research related to preserving the health of both the environment and its populations, including humans.

  • Environmental Health News - A publication of Environmental Health Sciences, a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental health issues, including climate change, the plastic pollution crisis, and harmful chemicals such as BPA.

  • Environmental Working Group - A nonprofit dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. The group offers excellent Shopper’s Guides with scientifically based recommendations on choosing healthy consumer products (from cosmetics to cleaning products) and uncontaminated foods (including produce). The organization also offers a **Healthy Living App **with ratings of more than 120,000 food and personal-care products, to help consumers make the healthiest choices.

  • Made Safe - A program that certifies safe brands of cosmetics, household products, apparel, bedding, and other products, after a rigorous screening and evaluation of ingredients and materials. Check out their new Healthy Pregnancy Guide.

  • National Resources Defense Council - An organization that works to safeguard the earth, including its air, water, people, plants, and animals, from pollution, chemicals, and other toxic effects.

  • Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment - Under the auspices of the University of California, San Francisco, this program offers valuable resources that can help minimize people’s exposure to reproductive toxins in everyday life.

  • Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families - A coalition of organizations and businesses working to safeguard families from toxic chemicals in our homes, workplaces, schools, and in the products we use.

  • Safer Made - An organization that invests in companies and technologies that eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in consumer products and supply chains. Its newsletters highlight developments in phasing out certain chemicals and progress on other environmental issues.

  • Silent Spring Institute - A scientific research organization dedicated to uncovering the links between environmental chemicals and human health. On the preventive front, the organization developed Detox Me, a free mobile app to help consumers reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals in their everyday surroundings.

  • Toxic Free Future - An organization that conducts original research on the complex science underlying different aspects of environmental health and advocates for the use of safer products, chemicals, and practices to ensure a healthier future.

  • Clearya - A browser plug-in and mobile app that help online shoppers make informed choices. Clearya automatically screens ingredient lists for chemicals of concern while shopping online, and assists in discovering safer alternatives. In parallel, the platform mines insights that serve environmental health scientists and advocacy groups.

Food Freedom Advocacy

  • Animal Legal Defence Fund - The Animal Legal Defense Fund files high-impact lawsuits to protect animals from harm, provides free legal assistance and training to prosecutors in their fight against animal cruelty, supports animal protection legislation, and provides resources and opportunities to law students and professionals to advance the field of animal law.

  • Cook Alliance -The COOK Alliance is the nonprofit working to legalize the sale of home cooked meals. Cook Alliance united after the Josephine home cooking app was shut down by the government.

  • White Coat Waste - White Coat Waste Project is a taxpayer watchdog group representing more than 2 million liberty-lovers and animal-lovers who all agree: taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay over $20 billion every year for wasteful and cruel experiments on dogs, cats, monkeys and other animals.

  • Global Food Justice - The Global Food Justice Alliance advocates for the right of all people to choose nutrient-dense foods such as meat, milk, and eggs, which are critical for nutritious, environmentally sustainable, and equitable food systems that can sustain both human life and the planet. A particular focus is on advocacy for the principles of regenerative agriculture as well as supporting the consumption of meat. Co-founded by Diana Rogers the co-author of the book Sacred Cow.

  • Regenified - Regenerative Ag Certs and Standards that focus on proving that business are committed to using regenerative practices,advanced biodiversity, soil health, ecosystem resilience that’s in harmony with nature.

  • Beefinitiative - An alliance of small family ranchers that all accept Bitcoin for high quality grassfed and regeneratively raised Beef and other animals. In addition all ranchers that are part of the Initiative have promised not to inject their cows with the Covid-19 Vaccines.

  • Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) - Protecting, defending, and broadening the rights and viability of independent farmers, artisanal food producers, and their consumers. FTCLDF works to influence state and local policy to ease the regulatory burden placed on independent farmers.

  • Animal Agriculture Alliance - Org that pushes back against green and vegan propaganda, pushes back against laws against our food systems. Founded in 1987, the Animal Agriculture Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings together farmers, ranchers, veterinarians, animal feed companies, animal health companies, processors, allied associations and others involved in getting food from the farm to our forks!

  • Understanding Ag - Understanding Ag, LLC, is ushering in a new era of regenerative agriculture that is resulting in more productive, profitable, and resilient farms across the globe. At their individual and collective cores, UA’s team members believe there is no more important pursuit than to help you improve the health of our living and life-giving soil and they are dedicated to your growing and regenerative success.

  • Soil Health Academy (SHA) - SHA, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, focuses its efforts on helping farmers first UNDERSTAND and then successfully apply nature’s time-proven, regenerative agriculture principles today—in order to grow healthier soil, food, farms and communities for tomorrow.

  • Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) - FARFA advocates on behalf of the thousands of small-scale farmers and ranchers who produce food using sustainable/regenerative methods, which means we also work for the millions of consumers who care about protecting traditional rights and freedoms… people like you.

Food Discovery Apps

  • Seed Oil Scout - App that helps you find restaurants and fast food providers that don’t use seed oils. App only works in IOS.

  • Seedy App - App that helps you find restaurants, fast food providers and products at grocery stores that don’t use seed oils. App is under construction. Old demo app only worked in IOS.

  • Seed Oil Rebellion - Website that provides education around seed oils and buying/food guides.

  • Local Fats: Website that that helps you find food providers that dont use seed oils. Includes locations all over the world. Locations are crowd sourced, so anyone can submit a new location they find.

  • Shireapp - App that finds local high quality real foods. Includes multiple categories such as Seed oil free, regenerative, grass fed, organic, raw etc.

  • Seed oil Free Restaurants - Website that lets you look up specific restaurants to see what oils they cook in and dont cook in.

  • Label Ferret - Label Ferret uses nutrition data from a variety of sources but nutrition data and ingredient labels change frequently so accuracy cannot be guaranteed. You can use this app to read ingredients and nutritional facts from a wide range of different products.

  • - Find Raw Milk in your area based off your zip code.

  • - Find Raw Milk in your area.

  • Ground Work Collective - Website that finds high quality farms and high quality soil.

Health Funding Projects

  • Decentralized Health Fund - The Decentralized Health Fund looks to fund important but largely unprofitable research in regards to lesser known areas of health. The fund is working to collect and store money in BTC in order to give out grants to fund studies and projects around the dangers of EMF’s, the benefit of grounding, sunlight and other natural sources.

  • New Founding - New Founding is looking to raise funds to focus on “early-stage ventures where we can add exceptional value by leveraging our significant proprietary deal flow, our best-in-class intelligence of conservative consumer and institutional demand, and our connections within the right-wing ecosystem.” ‍

Healthcare Alternative

  • Crowdhealth - CrowdHealth is not an insurance company, but a platform & community that empowers you with a crowdfunding tool and a wealth of resources to efficiently manage your health care costs.

  • DPC Network - Find Direct Primary care Doctors near you.

  • Dpcare - Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. No fee-for-service payments. No third party billing. The defining element of DPC is an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider.

  • Oklahoma Surgery Center - Free Market for Surgery with full price transparency.

  • Free Market Medical Association - Free Market Medical Association helps find Market alternatives to healthcare, co founded by the CEO of Oklahoma Surgery Center.

  • - Program that aims to evaluate and measure health metrics to get down to the real causes of your health issues, while using a nutritional and holistic approach.

  • Druglike - Druglike is a platform for democratizing the access, costs, and rewards of early-stage drug discovery.Druglike is building a decentralized computing network which provides resources for anyone looking to start or contribute to early-stage drug discovery projects. Unlike competitors, Druglike will be web-based and completely free to use.

  • TWC.Health - Alternative healthcare to the mainstream pharma system. Also sells supplements. Co-founded by Dr. Peter McCullough

  • Curehunter - Free service that catalogs most medical conditions and potential treatments. CureHunter is a fully integrated scientific search, data retrieval and analysis engine on the web that can read the entire US National Library of Medicine Medline Archive and automatically extract and quantify the evidence for successful clinical outcomes of all known drugs for all known human diseases.

  • True Med - True Med helps facilitate acceptance of HSA and FSA money for individuals and companies. This can be used by or for any company that promotes better diet, exercise or other alternative forms of health.

High Quality Meat

Organic, Grass Fed, Regenerative and Seed Oil Free Food

  • White Oak Pastures - One of the most respected regenerative farms around, practicing their idea of “radically traditionally farming”. White oaks sells several different kinds of meat, including, Duck, Goose, Guinea, Rabbit, Goat etc. White Oak has really pioneered the regenerative model and proofed its effective with a peer reviewed study

  • Force of Nature - Another fantastic option for regenerative meat. Including Beef, Bison, Chicken, Elk, Venison, Wild Boar and more. Force of Nature is also unique in selling “Ancestral Blends” ground meat mixed with small amounts of organ meats for delicious ways to eat highly nutritious organ meats.

  • Nose to Tail - Regenerative and pastured raise meat, specifically focused on producing the best low PUFA raised mono-gastric animals like Chicken and Pork. Also sells Lamb.

  • Mauinui Venison - Regenerative/sustainable raised deer. Axis deer are an invasive species in Maui and need to be kept in check to preserve the water and local plants/farms as there are no natural predators for the deer on Maui. Slightly pricey.

  • Joyce-Farms - Another great regenerative source of meat. Provides a wide range of poultry, sausages and jerkies.

  • AUPA Bar - The Chad of energy bars. High quality meat bars, with only butter, tallow and fruit. AUPA gives discounts for anyone purchasing in Bitcoin or Monero. Save an additional 5% with code word “liberty”

  • Epic Provisions - One of the best and most convenient ways to access high quality meat in convenient packaging.

  • Wild Idea Buffalo - Another great option. Focuses primarily on buffalo but has several other great offers. Bison are only slaughtered in the field, never in a slaughterhouse.

  • Meatrition - A massive database in defense of all things Meat.

Medical Drugs Resellers

Buy medical drugs from third parties that may be in limited supply.

  • AllDayChemist - Sells a wide range of generic drugs from India.

  • Buymoda - Sells a wide range of generic drugs, medicine and supplements including modafinal. Offers a 20% discount to users paying in BTC.

  • Pillsrx-24 - Purchase prescription drugs without a prescription.

  • Contraband Cures - A list of alternative style medicines for several different conditions.

  • BrooksAgnew - Education report on Ivermectin, HydroxyChloriquin and other health practices.

  • Jase Medical - Emergency meds and Prescription drugs.

  • Contingency Medical - Emergency Antibiotic Kits, for Home or on the Go.Stay protected against Nausea, Vomiting, Strep Throat, UTIs, Diarrhea, Ear Infections, Sinusitis and more.

  • Duration Health - The portable emergency room — Peace of mind for off-grid living and travel. Their doctors prescribe you life-saving medications before you need them. They ship them to you before your next adventure. Treat urgent medical issues anywhere — without finding a doctor or pharmacy.

  • Mountain Rose Herbs - One of the best sources of organic herbs and alternative medicines.

Supplement Testing and Rankings

  • Labdoor - Supplement testing and purity rankings

  • Consumerlab - Supplement testing and purity rankings