“If taxation without consent is not robbery, then any band of robbers have only to declare themselves a government, and all their robberies are legalized.” ― Lysander Spooner

Agorism is a social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, engaging with aspects of nonviolent revolution, founded by Samuel Edward Konkin the third. Agorism is a different approach to creating freedom, than electoral politics. Sometimes also known as the concept of “Sovereign Citizens.”

Agorist Communities (International)

  • Pronomos - Pronomos is a venture capital fund that works to build the “cities of tomorrow.” Pronomos has worked to fund Prospera, Praxis, and many more starup cities.

  • Freedom Haven - Seasteading org working to build a workable seasteading options. Seasteading is the idea of creating permanent living homes that exist outside government jurisdiction in international waters.

  • Prospera - Prospera is a new libertarian smart city located in Honduras, that works as an economic zone largely free of local government taxes. An experimental project that does exist by a government grant, but its working to prove out a new potential model of cities. Learn more with the REASON documentary.

  • PraxisNation - Praxis Nation builds off the concept of the network state by Balaji Srinivasan. Which theories that in the modern world we can create a decentralized country that can offer many of the benefits of standard country. Praxis aims to offer land, its own currency and eventually citizenship among many other things.

  • Bitcoin Beach - Bitcoin Beach is working to create a sustainable circular Bitcoin economy in El Salvadora. Following the dramatic decrease in crime and the governments bitcoin backing, Bitcoin Beach has become one of the best Bitcoin communities in the world.

  • Liberland - The Free Republic of Liberland is a small experimental country located on the banks of the Danube River, known as Gornja Siga. Liberland is built on classical liberal (libertarian) ideals which emphasize autonomy and minimize the state’s encroachment on individual liberties. Rule of law, bodily autonomy, free trade, freedom of choice, freedom of movement, and others are all core tenets of our fledgling nation.

  • Free Society - Free Society aims to build a new sovereign society by negotiating with an existing government. There are many examples of governments granting another nation sovereignty over a part of their territory, and Free Society believes this is the best way forward.

Digital Nomad Services

  • Planbpassport - A service that helps facilitate second passports. Accepts Bitcoin and very much adopts a “Sovereign Citizen” Mindset.

  • Nomad Capitalist - Nomad Capitalist specializes in legally and ethically reducing your tax rate, diversifying and safeguarding your assets, growing your passport portfolio, and maximizing your freedom.

  • Passports for Crypto - Quickly acquire Citizenship in St. Kitts by purchasing property without ever actually visiting St. Kitts.

  • Escapees - Escapees bills itself as an RV club, but it offers many services for a digital nomad lifestyle, including mail forwarding and temporary residences among many other things. Based in the U.S.

General Tools

  • Live Free Academy - Provides several free and paid courses on how to use crypto, opting out of the financial systems and electrical grids, homesteading, legal alternatives, and more! Run by Agorist and liberty advocate John Bush. Please use our above affiliate link if you are interested.

  • Agorist Tax Advice - Paid service to minimize your tax strategy.

  • Agorist Nexus - Agorist Nexus is a hub for free exchange, focusing on the spread of agorism and connecting the counter-economy

  • One Stupid Fuck - Opt out of the tax structure. Terrible website name and design, but a resource that provides great step by step videos of opting out of the current tax structure.

  • Lost Horizons - Platform with a wide range of topics around opting out of taxes and deconstructing the legal system.

  • Taxation is Theft App - App that walks people through the logical ideas of taxation being theft. Similar to the not yet launched project “The mirror” by Larken Rose.

  • Mobazha - Formerly known as Openbazaar, Mobazaha aims to be a decentralized market where people can buy and sell products across the world for various different crypto currencies.

Shipping Services

  • America’s Mailbox - Shipping Privacy intermediary based out of South Dakota

  • Privacy Post - Shipping Privacy intermediary based out of South Dakota

  • Traveling Mailbox - Traveling Mailbox has been providing Virtual Mailbox solutions since 2011 that allows individuals, travelers, RVers, expats, small businesses and others to view their postal mail online anywhere in the world. We provide a real physical street address that is unique to you and as your mail arrives, we scan the outside of the envelope and then you tell us to scan the contents, forward the item, shred it, return it, or hold it.

  • - Physical forwarding service. Based out of Germany, they will re-ship your products anywhere in the EU wide.

  • - Sovereign Stack will stand between the data marketers and your personal information. Pick an item you want and have it purchased. Only accepts orders via PGP encryption.

Sovereign Homesteading

  • Abundant Acres - A small company that helps you design your sovereign homestead blueprint.
  • My Patriot Supply - Purchase food and other supplies.
  • Off grid real estate.
  • - Purchase a wide variety of survival gear.
  • - Every one of Seed Armory’s seed vaults contains only 100% survival grade, 100% heirloom seeds, and are always non-GMO. Seeds, vaults, and packets are kept at low refrigerated temperatures until ready for shipping.
  • Empshield - EMP Shield is the World’s first EMP protection technology for an entire home and vehicle tested to military and UL 1449 standards from ETL.
  • H20 Machine - Atmospheric Water Generator. Pull drinking water straight out of the air.
  • Spout Water - Atmospheric Water Generator. Pull drinking water straight out of the air. Works at a much smaller scale than H20 Machine.