OSINT Tools (Open Source Intelligence)

“Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.” - Marcus Aurelius

Open source tools can be used to find information of all types. This can be useful in furthering your understanding of both offensive and defensive practices by finding information for anything and everything. OSINT is the direct inverse of open source privacy tools. OSINT can be used for nefarious purposes in some cases, but OSINT itself does not directly include the concept of hacking. OSINT only aims to find legally available public information. OSINT has tremendous use in regards to education and finding information about corporations, politicians and good journalism. These tools can also be used to help you understand your own privacy exposure as well. Please use these tools responsibly.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools

Art Generators

  • Dreamstudio.ai - AI Art Generation.

  • Mid Journey - Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species. Requires the unencrypted messaging app discord for image generation.

  • Dall E - DALL·E 2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. Made by Open Ai. Closed source.

Freedom Focused AI Tools

  • Venice - Venice is an open source alternative to Chat GPT. With built in features for code prompts and Stable Diffusion, Venice does not censor or spy on you. Launched by freedom advocate and crypto pioneer Erik Voorhees.

  • GATgpt - A LLM model like Chat GPT but specifically for gun printing and all things gun related. Built by Cody Wilson.

  • LISA Libertarian Intelligence - LISA was developed by the Mike ter Maat for President Campaign as a public resource to spread the philosophy, principles, and solutions of libertarianism. Our goal is to spread awareness of the changes our government must make to advance individual freedom, domestic prosperity, and world peace. Still in Beta.

  • Alex AI - Energy and Climate Chatbot. Built by Alex Epstein, an advocate of Freedom and Fossil Fuels. Iphone Only.

  • Gab AI - Chat GPT alternative and image generator by conservative Social Media company GAB.

  • AI Unchained - Podcast by freedom advocate and bitcoin educator Guy Swann. Follow the newest updates in the AI industry to become more sovereign and efficient by utilizing cutting edge tools.

General AI Tools

  • Huggingface.co - Open Source CHAT GPT Alternative.

  • LM Studio - LM Studio lets you discover, download, and run local LLMs entirely offline.

  • GPT4all - Self Hosted GPT Alternative.

  • Albus.org - Chat GPT App. Comes up with several different responses to your written prompt usually broken up into different aspects or steps of the prompt.

  • Etched.ai - Etched is building the hardware for superintelligence.

  • Esperanto.ai - Esperanto delivers high-performance, energy-efficient computing solutions that are the compelling choice for the most demanding AI and non-AI applications.

  • MaxAI.me - Chrome extension that lets you utilize AI on different sites.

  • Gemini - Formerly known as Bard. Googles AI alternative to Chat GPT. Google is known to have a strong left wing bias,including filter your text prompts through a DEI and social justice lens.

  • AI or Not - Need to verify if images are AI generated? Here’s a project that can identify images from Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Dall-E, GAN and more.

  • Parse Prompt - Convert and summarize podcast episodes, audio clips, web-pages, and Youtube into AI-generated content.

  • Awesome GPT - List of dozens of GPT style LLMs.

  • Unleashed Chat - AI chatbot service designed with real privacy in mind. It stands out with its live Nostr data querying and advanced context embedding capabilities. It allows for Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network, for privacy and speed. The platform employs the latest Open Source models, prioritizing uncensored options.

Video Focused AI’s

  • Open AI Sora - Sora can generate videos up to a minute long while maintaining visual quality and adherence to the user’s prompt. Closed source.

  • Magic Animate - Magic Animate is an open source project that allows you to produces an animated video from a single image and a motion video.

  • Animate Anyone - App that allows you to take a static image or photo and create videos of movement based on the people or characters in those photos.

  • Lumiere - A Space-Time Diffusion Model for Video Generation. Made by Google, closed source. Create video from word prompts or pictures. Google is known to have a strong left wing bias.

Attack Surface

  • BynaryEdge - We scan the web and gather data for you.

  • Censys - Attack Surface Management Solutions.

  • RedHunt Labs - Discover your Attack Surface, Continuously.

  • SecurityTrails - The Total Internet Inventory.

  • criminalip.io - Cyber Threat Intelligence Search Engine and Attack Surface Management(ASM) platform.

Bug Hunting

  • Bug Bounty writeups - Detailed breakdowns of all sorts of different types of attacks.

  • Bughunter-handbook - A list of resources that will help bug bounty hunters with resources that are useful during their bug bounty journey.



Check your email accounts to find associated accounts with breached companies**

  • Have I Been Pwned - Check if your email or phone is in a data breach

  • Dehashed - Free deep-web scans and protection against credential leaks, Takes Monero for Premium accounts

  • Leak-Lookup - Search across thousands of data breaches to find you compromised data - Requires an account for full results. Cheap prices and accepts Monero

  • Snusbase - Stay on top of the latest database breaches

  • LeakCheck.io - Make sure your credentials haven’t been compromised

  • Crackstation.net - Massive pre-computed lookup (Rainbow) tables to crack password hashes

  • Breachdirectory.org - Check if your information was exposed in a data breach

  • Spycloud.com - More in Depth than haveIbeenpwned. Requires an account.

  • Mozilla Monitor - Stay safe with privacy tools from the makers of ⁨Firefox⁩ that protect you from hackers and companies that publish and sell your personal information. We’ll alert you of any known data breaches, find and remove your exposed info and continually watch for new exposures.

  • Intelx (https://intelx.io/)- Needs an account for most dumps, but shows accounts and password associated with on different sites.

  • Hackcheck Hackcheck is a data breach search engine that makes checking the integrity of your data easy and flexible cheap! they currently offer several lightning fast queries to search through our billions of records with. The queries they offer are email, password, username, name, IP address, phone number, and domain name.

  • Leakix - Identify public data leaks.

Code Search Engines

  • GitHub Code Search - A search engine for searching projects on github.

  • Grep.app - Search across a half million git repos.

  • Publicwww.com - Source Code Search Engine. Find any alphanumeric snippet, signature or keyword in the web pages HTML, JS and CSS code.

  • SearchCode - Search 75 billion lines of code from 40 million projects

  • NerdyData - Find companies based on their website’s tech stack or code

  • RepoSearch - Source code search engine that helps you find implementation details, example usages or just analyze code

  • SourceGraph - Understand and search across your entire codebase

Data Retention

  • Archive.org - The biggest site for internet website archives.

  • Pagefreezer.com - PageFreezer is an alternative to the Wayback machine which utilizes Google-like crawling technology. The screenshots are taken using a fully automated operation.

  • Webcite - WebCite differs from the Wayback Machine by providing the sort of detailed snapshots of author-cited references requested by publishers, editors, and readers.

  • Memento Time Travel - Memento TimeTravel is built using the archive.today API, and can thus be utilized as an upgraded internet archive product. It offers web users with an easy-to-use design.

  • Inteltechniques - A guide to manually remove your data from archive sites.

  • Dessant - A web extension for pulling data from archived sites.

  • TubeRipper - An app that lets you rip or download videos from most platforms.

Device Information


  • DNSDumpster - dns recon & research, find & lookup dns records.

  • Chaos - Enhance research and analyse changes around DNS for better insights.

  • RapidDNS - dns query tool which make querying - subdomains or sites of a same ip easy.

  • DNSdb - Passive DNS historical database.

  • HackerTarget - Collect information about IP Addresses, Networks, Web Pages and DNS records.

  • Passivedns.mnemonic.no - Web interface for querying passive DNS data collected in our malware lab.

  • Dnshistory.org - Domain Name System Historical Record Archive.

  • DNSTwister - The anti-phishing domain name search engine and DNS monitoring service.

  • DNSviz - Tool for visualizing the status of a DNS zone.

  • C99.nl - Over 57 quality API’s and growing

  • PassiveTotal - Security intelligence that scales security operations and response

  • Dnslytics - The ultimate online investigation tool for DNS and other internet data.



  • Exploit-DB - An Exploit Database.

  • Sploitus - A convenient central place for identifying the newest exploits.

  • Rapid7 - DB - A vulnerability & Exploit Database.

  • Vulmon - A vulnerability and exploit search engine.

  • packetstormsecurity.com - Information Security Services, News, Files, Tools, Exploits, Advisories and Whitepapers.

  • 0day.today - The ultimate database of exploits and vulnerabilities.

Facial Recognition

  • Pimeyes - The gold Standard in facial recognition search, while prioritizing privacy.

Focused Search Engines

  • Google Correlate – Google Trends Correlate can help you identify search patterns that correlate with real-world trends. It can be used to identify search patterns that are similar to one another. For example, you could use the tool to find out if there is a link between new legislation and gun sales (at least in terms of the search volume related to the two topics).

  • Million Short – Million Short has an interesting approach to searching for information online. The interface is generally similar to a typical search engine. However, you can sort and filter the results in a number of ways. Examples include popularity, eCommerce, live chat, date, location, and others. Also, it automatically pulls out the top sites that usually occupy the top spots in any search result (e.g. Amazon.com, eBay, YouTube, etc.)

  • Shodan – A search engine and network security tool for the internet of things. It finds devices on the internet like web servers, webcams, appliances, traffic lights, and even power plants.

  • Prowl - A free IP search & identifications of IoC and IoA.

  • Pulsedive - A search engine for devices connected to the internet.

  • TalkWalkerAlerts – TalkWalkerAlerts is a great alternative to Google Alerts because, in addition to monitoring the web for certain keywords, it monitors social media, blogs, and forums as well. This can be helpful if you need to find mentions of someone’s name or business across the web.

  • Mention - A service that lets you track any code words across social media platforms

  • TorSearch - A TOR search engine for websites hosted on TOR (The Darknet)

  • TinyEye - A reverse image search.

  • Search by Image - Tool to reverse image search docs, only works in Chromium based browsers

  • Grabify - Grabify is a free web-based IP grabbing/URL shortening tool. (IP grabbing just as it implies simply means getting/grabbing peoples IP addresses. ) This can be used to get location/IP data from potential attackers.

  • PublicData.com - PublicData.com is the number one resource for public records from local, state, and federal agencies.

  • OSSDatabase - OSS DATABASE is a crowdsourced database of Open Source software. Their goal is to make it easy to look for open source alternatives and compare them with their proprietary peers.

  • Public API’s A list of several differnt API’s that are free to use for data pulling.

Geolocation and Physical Camera access

  • All Area Codes - Tracks area codes for the US and Canada.
  • EarthCam - Earth Cam is the gold standard when it comes to aggregating the world’s public live streaming webcams and surveillance cameras in a way that makes sense.
  • Acrevalue - Find Land by acreage, and gives land breakdowns.

Mail Addresses


  • Meta-webtools.com - Dozens of tools in one.

  • About.start.me - Osint Dashboard to combine different OSINT tools.

  • Osint-jobs.com - Job board and education research.

  • Inteltechniques Tools - Dozens of tools available from Michael Bazzels website.

  • OstintFramework - Terrific list. Layout is a bit strange can be annoying to navigate.

  • Osintool.com - List of multiple tools with install instructions.

  • Osintdojo.com - A giant list of OSINT resources.

  • Osintcurio.us - The OSINT Curious Project was a source of quality, actionable, Open Source Intelligence news, original blogs, instructional videos, and live streams. We tried to keep people curious about exploring web applications for bits of information or trying out new techniques to access important OSINT data.

  • start.me - Another Giant list of all sorts of tools.

  • Awesome-Osint - A curated list of amazingly awesome open source intelligence tools and resources.

  • TCM-Open-Source-Intellingence-Resources - Compilation of Resources from TCM’s OSINT Course.

  • Sociallinks.io - Everything you need to navigate the OSINT world, gain deeper insights, and enhance investigations.

  • Freedomlab.io - FreedomLab is a virtual gathering place for human rights defenders. Here you will find a repository of training materials, tutorials, and digital tools, all tailored to your needs and requirements. We hope you will learn about tools, experiences, advocacy and fundraising strategies, as well as knowledge and skills related to security. Through support and collaboration, human rights defenders increase their capacity to monitor and report, seek redress, and advocate for the promotion of human rights.

  • A Very Particular Set of Skills - A wide range of OSINT tools and resources.

  • Hacker Search Engines - Large list of OSINT resources.

  • Hacker Search Engines - Long list of OSINT Tools.

  • Full OSINT - Full OSINT focused on the most popular web-based Open Source Intelligence and Cybersecurity Tools.

Security Focused Tools

  • Virus Total - Scan files, hashes and URL’s to run them against a database of known comprised software. Extremely useful when evaluating new suspicious files or programs.

  • 2fA.Directory - List of companies that use 2FA in America. 2FA is highly recommended to further secure online systems.

  • 2fA.Directory.International List of companies that use 2FA Internationally. 2FA is highly recommended to further secure online systems.

  • Howsecureismypassword - A site to test the security and the Bruce Force difficulty of your password.

  • SSL LABS - A site to check the security of your own self hosted server. Specifically looks at TLS config and hash algorithm of your website.

  • Immuniweb - A site to check the security of your own self hosted server or servers. Checks SSL status of multiple different types of applications. Also checks compliance with frameworks such as PCI, HIPAA and NIST.

  • Security Headers - A site to check the security headres of your own self hosted server to check your exposure to attacks like XSS, Clickjacking and more.

  • Shieldsup - ​A site to check the security of your own self hosted server. Run by Steve Gibson of the SecurityNow Podcast and Spinrite data recovery application.

  • DNS checker and port scanner - A site to check open ports, DNS SPF records and much more on your own internal server.

  • Dmarc and SPF Checkers - A site Dmarc, SPF and DKIM are Email security settings that protect your email account from being spoofed or faked. This tool scores your domain to see how difficult it would be to spoof. Details on SPF

  • Ip Quality Score - An app to check your IP, Email and Fraud prevention. Also allows for verifying Tor and VPN connectivity and much more.

  • Exiftool - A tool let’s you pull metadata info from a wide range of file types.

  • Tiny-check - A piece of software that scans your phone to check for unauthorized monitoring apps unknowingly installed.

  • Efani - Test your Phone number public connections to see your total phone exposure.

  • TraceLabs - An osint service that helps find missing people.

  • Atlas of Law Enforcement Surveillance - The EFF tracks surveillance apps used by Law enforcement across the country.

  • Best Randoms - Random information generator for huge amount of categories.

  • Email Rep - App that lets you check the known reputability of any email address and domain.

  • Privacy Parrot - A search engine that helps determine if a website can sell your personal information.

  • TOSBack (Terms of Service) - A website that reads back other website terms of service and puts it into a simple and easy to read summary.

  • Polisis - Polisis gives you a glimpse of what websites actually say in their privacy policies.

  • Hudson Rock - Free tools to check for compromised coporate accounts

  • ScamDoctor - Project that tracks known scam websites and use an algorithm to determine likelyhood of other scams.


  • Onyphe.io - Cyber Defense Search Engine for open-source and cyber threat intelligence data.

  • ZoomEye - Global cyberspace mapping.

  • GreyNoise - The source for understanding internet noise.

  • Natlas - Scaling Network Scanning.

  • Netlas.io - Discover, Research and Monitor any Assets Available Online.

  • FOFA - Cyberspace mapping.

Social Media Tools



  • Search is Back - is a similar tool to NetBootCamp, as it allows you to search for people and events on Facebook — but it also lets you search by location, relationships, gender, job title, language spoken, and other details.

  • FB People Directory - is a native tool built by Facebook so you can, as its name suggests, search their people directory. It’s super useful and one of the easiest tools to use when you’re looking for someone.

  • Facebook Email Search - is a simple URL that lets search for any Facebook profile by using an email address.

  • Passive DNS - Technology allows you to investigate everything you can imagine about any organization or company in the world, way beyond a simple citizen profile. Let’s see it in action for facebook.com

  • Einvestigator.com - Facebook Search Tools and Resources.

  • Toolzu.com - A platform for Facebook video downloading

  • Facebook Search Tools – A collection of helpful links to Facebook online help resources and various open-source search forms. Learn how to run searches and queries that go far deeper than the standard website or app search.


General Social Media Tools

  • Sherlock - Finds all usernames across 300 different social media platforms.
  • Stories Down - Guide for several different platforms.



  • Gramho - Identifying Followers of a Private Instagram Profile
  • Instahunt - Used for tracing physical locations of Instagram posts
  • Instagram OSINT Attack Surface - Describes full attack surface for Instagram.
  • Picuki - View, edit and share your publicly available Instagram content.










  • Birdhunt - Used for tracing physical locations of Twitter posts

  • Bot Sentinel - Helps you find and block trolls and fake twitter accounts

  • Foller.me - Free people search engine finds social media profiles, public records, and more!

  • Nitter - Access Twitter through a privacy front end without an account.

  • Tinfoleak - Search for Twitter users leaks

  • Tweet Beaver - If you’re doing research that involves a Twitter user, TweetBeaver is a great resource. Use it for things like downloading a user’s friends list, downloading a user’s followers list, checking to see if two accounts follow one another, and much more.

  • Tweetdeck - TweetDeck offers a more convenient Twitter experience by letting you view multiple timelines in one easy interface. It includes a host of advanced features to help get the most of Twitter: Manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets for posting in the future, build Tweet collections, and more.

  • Twitter OSINT Attack Surface - Description of the Twitter attack surface.

  • Spoonbill - Spoonbill lets you see profile changes from the people you follow on Twitter or other social networks.

  • Trendsmap - Tracks hashtag trends by location.

  • TweeterID - Pull your twitter user ID.

  • Getvidfy.com - Download videos from Twitter.

  • Savetweetvid.com - Download videos from Twitter.



  • Faxvin - Search by Vin. Costs money for in depth searches

  • Autocheck - Search by Vin or License Plate. Costs money for in depth searches

  • SkipTracer - Python based search engine program, that searches lots of different categorizes, Name, email, phone etc. In particular you can search License Plate info which is the most unique feature of this app.

  • Licensesearch.org - Can be used to search License plates and Drivers licenes for a fee.

  • Vehicle-OSINT-Collection - A comprehensive list of websites, add-ons, repositories, and other tools useful for finding information on a target vehicle.


  • NIST NVD - The National Vulnerability Database, that lists known threats and vulnerabilities.

  • MITRE CVE - Another site that identifies, defines, and catalogs publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

  • Mitre.org - A site that tracks common weaknesses across all software.

  • Capec.Mitre.org - A site that tracks common attack patterns.

  • GitHub Advisory Database - Security vulnerability database inclusive of CVEs and GitHub originated security advisories

  • Cloudvulndb.org - The Open Cloud Vulnerability & Security Issue Database.

  • Osv.dev - Open Source Vulnerability tracker.

  • Vulners.com - Your Search Engine for Security Intelligence.

  • Opencve.io - Easiest way to track CVE updates and be alerted about new vulnerabilities

  • Security.snyk.io - Open Source Vulnerability Database

  • Rapid7 - DB - Vulnerability & Exploit Database

  • CVEDetails - The ultimate security vulnerability datasource

  • VulnIQ - Vulnerability intelligence and management solution

  • SynapsInt - The unified OSINT research tool

  • Aqua Vulnerability Database - Vulnerabilities and weaknesses in open source applications and cloud native infrastructure

  • Vulmon - Vulnerability and exploit search engine

  • VulDB - Number one vulnerability database

  • Ossindex.sonatype.org - A free catalogue of open source components and scanning tools to help developers identify vulnerabilities, understand risk, and keep their software safe.

  • Libraries.io - Open source package tracker.

  • CVE.org - Another site that tracks identifies defines, and catalogs publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Wifi Discovery and Scanning

  • Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector - Cambium Networks delivers high-performance Wi-Fi to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises. Give users consistent, “wired-like” performance plus superior coverage and security depending on your needs — whether from single, small office network or global, multi-site enterprise networks.

  • Acrylic WiFi - WiFi analysis, site survey & troubleshooting

  • WirelessMon - Monitor the status of wi-fi adapters and gather information about nearby access points and hotspots in real-time with WirelessMon.

  • WiFiFoFum - WiFiFoFum scans for 802.11 Wi-Fi networks and displays information about each including: SSID, MAC, RSSI, channel, and security. WiFiFoFum also allows you to connect to networks you find and log the location using the GPS. KML logs can be emailed.

  • WiFinder - Nice look WiFi scanner allows you to connect all wifi networks: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2.

  • Avast Wi-Fi Finder - Avast Wi-Fi Finder is an app to help you find free WiFi networks around you. Just check the map and take a look at the different points that show up. Tapping one of them gives you more information: the name of the network, whether it requires a password, etc.

  • Free WiFi Finder - Get WiFi Finder to find Fast WiFi wherever you go

  • Open WiFi Finder - Get WiFi Finder to find Fast WiFi wherever you go.

  • Network Tools - Phone App for tracking all sorts of network metrics.

  • Wigle.net - Map wireless access points around the world.