Job Boards

Job Boards

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius

Why work for a company you hate? If you believe in liberty many of these companies hate you. Stop wasting your talents and your energy on them, and find something that advances your values.

  • Bankless.Pallet - The best jobs in crypto and DeFi, curated by Bankless, for the Bankless Nation. New technical and non-technical job posts every week.

  • BitcoinerJobs - Bitcoiner Jobs is the leading career site helping to build the emerging Bitcoin industry and the careers of Bitcoiners within it.

  • AnonFriendly - Don’t doxx yourself for work. Job boards for Anonymous workers.

  • Talent Market - Talent Market’s mission is to promote liberty by providing talent for critical roles within the free-market nonprofit sector. Provide Free consulting for liberty focused non profits.

  • Publicsq - Non-woke and conservative leaning job board.

No-Jab Job Boards

  • - This site is for the people, the employees and candidates, who believe that your access and free movement in society should not be determined by your vaccination status.

  • Based.Pro - Formerly “” Based.Pro has pivoted from its vax focus to help you connect with professionals, companies and institutions who share your values.

  • - Find a good job, without the woke or covid nonsense.

  • Gab Groups - A job board on the social media platform Gab, that priorities jobs for more conservative types.

  • Unjected - Dating board for people who have not had any of the Covid-19 Vaccines.