“He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career." -George Bernard Shaw

Here at Liberty Tools we believe in looking at alternatives to electoral politics. We believe that in terms of advancing freedom electoral politics has mostly been a lost battle, or very often is actually counter productive. However we do have great respect for anyone who is trying to advance freedom as part of the political process, and continuing in the footsteps of the great politicians such as Ron Paul.

Political tools

  • Govtrack -Find your Congressional Reps to call them.

  • Vote.org - Find your voting location.

  • OurPublicService.org - Find political appointees tracker.

  • Opensecrets - Trace Money in politics.

  • Ballotpedia - Discover Open races and find huge amounts of data on local ballot measures.

  • ALLRegreen - App that breaks down money given to candidates.